Out of the Foxholes Questions

I heard that the German border town of Konstanz was spared by the bombings because it kept the lights on so that it was mistaken for a Swiss city, who took such a risky decision? The mayor? Were there other cities who used the same stratagem? (1)
P.O.W after their country surrendered (1)
Finland during WWII (1)
Can you tell us more about Slovak troops who participated in the invasion of Poland? (1)
Did Japanese units resist to the death at the Battle of Khalkhyn Gol? (1)
What happened to general henri winkelman after the dutch surrendered? (2)
I’ve heard of majority Muslim divisions in the SS. What Role did they play, how did they come about and were there any other notable people or military groups serving in the war that may seem odd to us today? (1)
How extensive was the soviet support to the chinese during the sino-japanese war? (1)
How were the Jews treated in Denmark? (1)
Huntziger a traitor? (1)
How about doing an episode about some of the less well known special forces units like the Long Range Desert Group, Popski’s Private Army or Z Special Force? (1)
Czechoslovak weapons used by Germans to invade Poland and Western Europe (1)
Hey team! Speaking of the prisoners that were sent to munition factories here. Was it common for prisoners to sabatoge munitions, and if so what were the punishments? (1)
Concrete Aircraft Carriers? Was there any truth to this? (2)
Everyone knows Oskar Schindler, but what about Irena Sendler who risked her own life on a daily basis to save hundreds of Jewish children? (1)
Why always prime ministers and never presidents or kings? (1)
How did the idea of rocket propelled AT (anti tank) weapons came about and how effective was they on the battlefield? (1)
How was everydag life in occupied Denmark 1940-1945? (1)
What Was Erwin Rommels Views On Nazism? (1)
Hans Aspergers In WW2 (1)
Slovakia during 1939. What did they do during the invasion of poland and where they just a puppet of the reich or an ally with free will? (1)
Exactly how widespread and common was re-purposing ships? (1)
Why didnt the Allies declare war on the Soviet Union, due their attack on Poland? (2)
Hoe did the media in neutral country's cover the war? (1)
What was Australia's role in WWII? I mainly want to know what was happening during the Phony War... I understand most of the involvement in the Pacific War and the Western Front, Rats of Tobruk, etc (1)
Here is a question for indy (1)
Germany Navy U-Boot Spike Hatchdoor (1)
Can you tell us about the Indian Hockey player who got an offer from Hitler to join the Wehrmacht? (1)
What happened to territories such as St. Martin (France), Sint Maarten (Holland) or the Faroe Islands (Denmark) when these countries fell to the Nazis?I (2)
Could the Admiral Graf Spee have fought it's way out of Montevideo harbour and eacape? (1)