Out of the Foxholes Questions

When the Soviets invaded Finland in 1939, what was the cause of Stalin's optimism of a short war? Was nothing learned from his defeat in Poland 18 years prior? (2)
Can you cover time between Finnish winter and continuation war, there was a LOT of pressure, like U.S.S.R shot down Finnish passanger plane (2)
Slovak National Uprising - outsider view (2)
Could Germany convince england for a peace after the fall of France? (3)
Finland during WWII (1)
The threat of a Nazi invasion of Britain was very real during this time in 1940. That was a scary proposition for all Brits but particularly the Jewish community. How much was known in Britain at this point in the war about Nazi atrocities? (2)
What Did Fronts Look Like From The Ground? (2)
Why didn't the germans use poison gas in WW2? (2)
How big of an impact did the Black Sheep and other such units have in China (3)
What do you know about Lauri Törni AKA Larry Thorne the man of 3 armies? And what do you know about Sissi Unit? (2)
Why did'nt the soviet red army have muttonies when they were pushed back to the gates of moscow (2)
Everyone knows Oskar Schindler, but what about Irena Sendler who risked her own life on a daily basis to save hundreds of Jewish children? (1)
P.O.W after their country surrendered (1)
What happened to general henri winkelman after the dutch surrendered? (2)
U.S. Preparation for war in 39 and 40 (1)
Did Japanese units resist to the death at the Battle of Khalkhyn Gol? (1)
Can you tell us more about Slovak troops who participated in the invasion of Poland? (1)
What was Australia doing at the start of the war? (1)
I heard that the German border town of Konstanz was spared by the bombings because it kept the lights on so that it was mistaken for a Swiss city, who took such a risky decision? The mayor? Were there other cities who used the same stratagem? (1)
What was the relation between Petain, Vichy France and the Dreyfus affair? (1)
Units formed from form nations like Poland (1)
Czechoslovak weapons used by Germans to invade Poland and Western Europe (1)
What was Hitler racial views on latin american people? (1)
Exactly how widespread and common was re-purposing ships? (1)
Hey team! Speaking of the prisoners that were sent to munition factories here. Was it common for prisoners to sabatoge munitions, and if so what were the punishments? (1)
How was everydag life in occupied Denmark 1940-1945? (1)
Why always prime ministers and never presidents or kings? (1)
Could WWII have been avoided? (2)
How extensive was the soviet support to the chinese during the sino-japanese war? (1)
Concrete Aircraft Carriers? Was there any truth to this? (2)