Out of the Foxholes Questions

How crucial was "Pervitin" for the German success in the Battle of France? Did the Allies use this drug as well afterwards? (2)
Czechoslovak weapons used by Germans to invade Poland and Western Europe (1)
Hey team! Speaking of the prisoners that were sent to munition factories here. Was it common for prisoners to sabatoge munitions, and if so what were the punishments? (1)
How extensive was the soviet support to the chinese during the sino-japanese war? (1)
I’ve heard of majority Muslim divisions in the SS. What Role did they play, how did they come about and were there any other notable people or military groups serving in the war that may seem odd to us today? (1)
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Can you tell us about the Indian Hockey player who got an offer from Hitler to join the Wehrmacht? (1)
Why didnt the Allies declare war on the Soviet Union, due their attack on Poland? (2)
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Can you tell us about Die Deutsche Wochenschau, the Nazi newsreels shown in German cinemas? (1)
The situation in Vichy France (1)
Hans Aspergers In WW2 (1)
I read somewhere that the Kachins in Burma were the most successful guerilla group ever organized by OSS. Can you talk about how Aung San and the Burma Independence Army siding with Japan exacerbated the ethnic tensions in Burma? (1)
Did any americans serve in the army's of either side before they joined the war? (1)
Concrete Aircraft Carriers? Was there any truth to this? (1)
What happened to general henri winkelman after the dutch surrendered? (1)
What was Jan Smuts' role in World War 1 and 2? (1)
What Was Erwin Rommels Views On Nazism? (1)
Exactly how widespread and common was re-purposing ships? (1)
Gold of all the defeat Nations (2)
Can you tell us more about Orde Wingate, leader of the Chindits? (1)
What was the role of the "Corps franc" during the phoney war ? Were they succesful? (1)
What was Hitler racial views on latin american people? (1)
Could the Admiral Graf Spee have fought it's way out of Montevideo harbour and eacape? (1)
How did Franco's regime in Spain view the German invasion of France? (1)
What happened to territories such as St. Martin (France), Sint Maarten (Holland) or the Faroe Islands (Denmark) when these countries fell to the Nazis?I (2)
When the Soviets invaded Finland in 1939, what was the cause of Stalin's optimism of a short war? Was nothing learned from his defeat in Poland 18 years prior? (1)
While WWII was raging during 1941-1942 there was a conflict between Ecuador and Peru, did the Allies/Axis somehow meddle with it? (1)
Germany Navy U-Boot Spike Hatchdoor (1)
German evacuation zone bevore the invation of France (1)