Out of the Foxholes Questions

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Why did Stalin ignore all of the evidence before Barbarossa? 4 June 23, 2020
What was Kurdish role during WW2? 6 April 8, 2020
Why and when did the french army change their uniforms? 3 May 10, 2019
From what point in the war did Rommel get his reputation with the allies? 3 May 28, 2020
What was Switzerland's relationship to Germany and more specifically the Nazi Party during the war? Love your hard work! 3 April 9, 2020
Here's a different one for you guys: what's the story behind the June 1941 opening of the tomb belonging to Timur of the Timurid Empire and the supposed curse it unleashed on the USSR? 3 April 30, 2020
Slovakia during 1939. What did they do during the invasion of poland and where they just a puppet of the reich or an ally with free will? 2 September 5, 2019
What happened on Kasteloryzo in the war? 2 May 15, 2020
What was the role of Turkey in wwii, particularly during Barbarossa? 5 June 23, 2020
Where there any jewish combat units created to fight in the allied armies? 2 May 3, 2020
If Germany attacked the USSR first 5 August 22, 2019
Slovak National Uprising - outsider view 3 February 22, 2020
The Cost of War 4 November 11, 2019
Ireland in the War 2 June 5, 2020
Search for information about a Wermacht unit which used horses on the eastern front in the battel of Stalingrad 4 September 2, 2019
Greek plans for an outcome 2 January 9, 2020
Did Japan use wolfpack tactics with submarines at all during WW2 like Germany did? 3 February 21, 2020
Did ethnic Germans fight in the Red Army? 2 August 15, 2019
What was the Survival Rate for B-17 crews over Europe? 4 September 9, 2019
American attitudes to and treatment of other Germans/Axis nationals (not Japan) 4 April 30, 2020
What has been (if any) the effect here in 1941 of the so called 'brain drain' on Germany's ability to wage war? 4 June 16, 2020
The French foreign legion after the fall of France 2 May 11, 2019
What preparations did Greece undergo as the war reached the Med 3 August 6, 2019
Alan Turning and the Enigma 2 May 24, 2020
I often hear that FDR was not very fond of Charles de Gaulle, what were his reasons for feeling this way? Was the feeling mutual? 2 June 12, 2020
Volunteers flying for other countries in 1930's wars? 3 June 13, 2020
Why didn't smaller countries take advantage of the global turmoil and invade other states, like the Peruvian-Ecuador war? 5 April 29, 2020
Did the Young Elizabeth repair diesel engines 3 May 2, 2020
How did the nazi’s know someone was jewish? 5 April 30, 2020
Could WWII have been avoided? 3 February 21, 2020