Out of the Foxholes Questions

Why did the Imperial Japanese Navy lose the Battle of Midway? (1)
Léo Major, amazing soldier (1)
Could the Admiral Graf Spee have fought it's way out of Montevideo harbour and eacape? (1)
As a child in occupied Norway, my grandma was given a ring by a Russian POW. Was it standard practice for Germany to allow civilians in occupied countries to interact with POWs? (1)
What was the true extent of the use of polish born troops in the british army navy and air force (1)
What was the role of theme parks in ww2? (1)
How many Swiss volunteers joined the Axis? How did they settle in the Wermacht eventually? (1)
Could Germany have beaten the allies without Blitzkrieg? (1)
What Germans did with the captured weapons and equipment? To what units was it usually issued to? Did they start to produce foreign designed eq? (1)
What was the political, economic, and military situation in the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia) from their independence to Soviet occupation? (1)
When the Soviets invaded Finland in 1939, what was the cause of Stalin's optimism of a short war? Was nothing learned from his defeat in Poland 18 years prior? (1)
Given the amount of atrocities already being committed by the Nazi’s, how well known were these to other governments, and to the civilian populace? (1)
Do you think Germany could have conquered the Soviet Union if they had somehow ended the war with Britain before doing so? (1)
Were there any other notable people or military groups serving in the war that may seem odd to us today? (1)
Could Germany convince england for a peace after the fall of France? (1)
What was the situation like in sweden and other neutral european countries during the war? (1)
Why did America stay neutral? Was it too much of a risk? Was FDR just being submissive to public opinion for his chances in 1940? (1)
Is it true that during air raids, Italian civilians had difficulty getting into shelters because they were filled with anti-aircraft gunmen? (1)
What were the Germans thinking when they started building the Graf Zeppelin? (1)
How Did the Independent Commonwealth nations enter the war? (1)
Will you cover If Day? (1)
Do you know about the 51st highland infantry and there sacrifice at st valery during the 1940’s and how they were left behind with the french as a rear guard to defend dunkirk? (1)
Does Indy speak Finnish? (1)
I know like most wars not all regular german soldiers were willing to commit horrible crimes against civilians but what was the general mindset of the regular german grunt on the horrors commited (1)