Out of the Foxholes Questions

Hi Indy, could you talk about the French far right movement La Cagoule and its status during and after the Battle of France? What kind of relationship had this party with the company L'Oreal? (1)
What Was Erwin Rommels Views On Nazism? (1)
How true is it that allied ineptitude led to German expansionism? Or was inevitable at the hands of the National Socialist leadership? (1)
What was Switzerland's role in WW2? (1)
To what extent did German procurement of occupied territories military equipment make them more “war ready”? (1)
I've heard of a man by the name of Lytle S. Adams had an idea to use bats as bombs. Can you tell us more about Dr. Adams? (1)
What place did Spaniards take in ww2? (1)
What do you know about Lauri Törni AKA Larry Thorne the man of 3 armies? And what do you know about Sissi Unit? (1)
As a child in occupied Norway, my grandma was given a ring by a Russian POW. Was it standard practice for Germany to allow civilians in occupied countries to interact with POWs? (1)
Léo Major, amazing soldier (1)
German naval plans (1)
How many Swiss volunteers joined the Axis? How did they settle in the Wermacht eventually? (1)
Why did the Imperial Japanese Navy lose the Battle of Midway? (1)
Can you tell us a little information on Hungary and it's role in WW2? (1)
What was the true extent of the use of polish born troops in the british army navy and air force (1)
What would have been the planned or expected course of action if operation Long Jump (assassination of the big three at the Teheran Conference by German spies) had been successful? (1)
Who could be the WW2 equivalent of our beloved general Conrad von Hötzendorf? (1)
What was the exact purpose and functioning of the Siegfried Line? (1)
Did the Germans use each victory to revamp their tactics? (1)
I was Wondering if Egypt had any active rule in WW2 or just was logistical support? (1)
Did all ages conscripts in Britain train and fight together or did they put older men in support roles? (1)
If magnetic mines are so powerful, then why didn't the Germans use them instead of U-boots? (1)
What were the conditions on the Western Front before May 1940 (1)
Could you tell us more about the Soviet tank prototypes that saw action in Finland, the T-100, SMK and KV-1? (1)
What was correlation of forces of Germany and Czechoslovakia before surrender of Sudetenland? (1)
Why didnt the Allies declare war on the Soviet Union, due their attack on Poland? (1)
Not a WW2 question, but what is your advice for Highschool student who hopes to become a historian? (1)
What was the role of theme parks in ww2? (1)
What was the logic behind Germany's invasion of Denmark? (1)
What were the Germans thinking when they started building the Graf Zeppelin? (1)