How did the (lack of) resources affect Germany's population, industry and war effort?

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I did a lot of research on the Eastern front concerning its oil crisis and how it affected the industrial capacity of Germany’s economy, army and supply system.
I know this partially contributed to the demechanization of the German army but I would like to know some more concerning the industry and the limitations that it had on the population as well.
Germany is from my point of view entering a situation that is somewhat similar to the one in WW1 regarding the geographical limitations of available resources for its war effort.

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Germany got Fanta! :smiley:


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I most admit that it is interesting to view of we humans deal with problems like foreign goods disappearing from the market. I do however wonder if there is any accounts on the fanta product from back then. It could be interesting to look further into but I wonder where there could potentially be any accounts about the topic.

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You might be interested to know that they had a fairly high infant mortality rate, in part due to lack of resources.


I believe this takes us back to the WW1 situation, however the question is:
Was it due to lack of production of certain equipment at lets say hospitals?
Or perhaps it was the lack of food imports which may have caused malnutrition.

Perhaps the Team will look into the effects of how the blockade that would once again restrain Germany’s ability to trade overseas once the war went on. I believe this might help us cast a light on the food situation.

A more direct thought:
Where did you stumble over the fact that the infant mortality rate increased?
I think it is interesting to study what the mortality rate was before and doing the war.
As always, thanks for letting me know of a new perspective on the matter!


Hi @Anders-lauszus,

Check this report out for the infant mortality statistics:


This was truly enlightening material. I have never had my hands on such fine topic as this material provided me. I found it quite interesting to see how much the diet must have changed for especially Northern Germany. It does make sense that we see such an increase in the mortality when we consider the consequences of improper nutrition.
Again, Thank you dearly for the material and do send something alike if you should stumble on something! ^^