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Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it. If you have a direct support request, please use the sub category Support Request.

TGIS Section 1

Welcome to TimeGhost Intelligence Service’s HQ! This category is for community driven research. Just pick a topic, find sources and post the info you find! This will keep Indy and Sparty from working themselves to death. The only way to tackle something as big as WW2 is by community effort, and people have been doing great work thus far. We’re counting on ya!

Out of the Foxholes Questions

Welcome to Out of the Foxholes. You can submit a question by creating a new topic. For more information, check out the pinned topic. Please ask the FULL QUESTION in the title of your topic.

Out of the Foxholes Answers

Welcome to the Out of the Foxholes Answers category. This is were we post all the answered questions. If you want to submit your own question, you can do so in the OOTF Questions Forum category – or by clicking here.

TimeGhost Picturehunt

Welcome to the TimeGhost Picturehunt!