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German paratroopers - why did Hitler disbanded them? (9)
The French Air Force in June, 1940: Why did so many planes get captured on the ground? (9)
How much of the British Empire was broughWhat was the role of British colonial and Commonwealth batalions during the years of 1939 and 40? (8)
What were the German atrocities on allied soldiers during the invasion of France? (4)
What happened to kaiser Wilhelm when the Nerherlands were occupied? (3)
Did any americans serve in the army's of either side before they joined the war? (4)
What happend to Greenland after Germany's invasion of Denmark? (3)
Slovakia during 1939. What did they do during the invasion of poland and where they just a puppet of the reich or an ally with free will? (2)
Search for information about a Wermacht unit which used horses on the eastern front in the battel of Stalingrad (4)
If Germany attacked the USSR first (5)
The French foreign legion after the fall of France (2)
Why and when did the french army change their uniforms? (3)
What was the Survival Rate for B-17 crews over Europe? (4)
The Cost of War (4)
Did the Nazis do only Dutzen (calling people you instead of more formal thou) (6)
What preparations did Greece undergo as the war reached the Med (3)
What happened in the French colonies/mandates after the fall of France? (2)
The threat of a Nazi invasion of Britain was very real during this time in 1940. That was a scary proposition for all Brits but particularly the Jewish community. How much was known in Britain at this point in the war about Nazi atrocities? (2)
How were the Jews treated in Denmark? (2)
Sailors helping the enemies sailors when they were afloat after a sea battle (3)
Were the homeguard effective? (3)
What were the Kaiser's overall opinions on the Nazis? (and to some extent Hitler) (2)
Exactly how widespread and common was re-purposing ships? (2)
Where there any secret negotiations between the regime in Athens and the British goverment prior to the Italian invasion of Greece? (2)
Does anybody remember Vera Lynn? (3)
Did ethnic Germans fight in the Red Army? (2)
What was the effect of the attack on Pearl Harbor for the U.S. Navy (2)
How vital was the contributions of Dutch and belgium colonies to the allied war effort? (3)
Units formed from form nations like Poland (2)