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37 July 26, 2020
What happened to converts to Judaism 11 May 5, 2020
Does anyone know where i can find a manual for the bf 109 14 July 21, 2020
What happened to Jewish communties in Ethiopia during ww2? 6 February 21, 2020
How did the (lack of) resources affect Germany's population, industry and war effort? 7 March 19, 2020
How much of the British Empire was broughWhat was the role of British colonial and Commonwealth batalions during the years of 1939 and 40? 8 June 7, 2019
Did many Polish Jews convert to Catholicism during the period of Pilsudski's authoritarian regime? 4 February 23, 2020
Does anybody remember Vera Lynn? 5 March 5, 2020
Were there any notable canadian figures or events in the early years of world war 2? Our school system fails us by barely teaching us anything regarding ww1 and ww2 so many of us know very little about our contributions 5 June 12, 2020
Can you tell us a little information on Hungary and it's role in WW2? 4 May 17, 2020
Why didn’t Germany invade Switzerland? 6 May 27, 2020
German paratroopers - why did Hitler disbanded them? 9 November 15, 2019
What happened to kaiser Wilhelm when the Nerherlands were occupied? 3 June 30, 2019
How long could the USSR have held out without aid from the Allies? 10 June 23, 2020
What were the Germans thinking when they started building the Graf Zeppelin? 5 February 25, 2020
The French Air Force in June, 1940: Why did so many planes get captured on the ground? 9 May 19, 2019
Hello indy and crew, out of the three occupiers of Greece (German,Italian and Bulgarian), which one was the harshest? 7 June 5, 2020
What happend to Greenland after Germany's invasion of Denmark? 3 July 27, 2019
Dreyfus memory and family during WW2 5 March 2, 2020
Were there U.S. POWs that fought for the Soviets? 5 January 19, 2020
Did the Nazis do only Dutzen (calling people you instead of more formal thou) 6 August 12, 2019
Why didn't Stalin completely annex Finland, even though it's alignment with Germany was clearly inevitable? 7 June 26, 2020
The threat of a Nazi invasion of Britain was very real during this time in 1940. That was a scary proposition for all Brits but particularly the Jewish community. How much was known in Britain at this point in the war about Nazi atrocities? 3 February 3, 2020
Was soccer Nazi propaganda? 8 June 14, 2020
How was the treatment of Jewish POWs from Allied armies in Axis captivity? 6 July 8, 2020
What were the German atrocities on allied soldiers during the invasion of France? 4 October 22, 2019
British use of Rudolf Hess to make Stalin afraid of separate peace 4 December 31, 2019
Did any americans serve in the army's of either side before they joined the war? 4 September 4, 2019
Did any African American divisions liberate 3 November 30, 2019
Here's a different one for you guys: what's the story behind the June 1941 opening of the tomb belonging to Timur of the Timurid Empire and the supposed curse it unleashed on the USSR? 3 April 30, 2020