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What happened to kaiser Wilhelm when the Nerherlands were occupied? (1)
How was the situation in the balkans at the beginning of the war? (1)
How about doing an episode about some of the less well known special forces units like the Long Range Desert Group, Popski’s Private Army or Z Special Force? (1)
How did the media put out the war in Germany? (1)
What did Erwin Rommel do/what was his role during the Polish Campaign of 1939? (1)
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German paratroopers - why did Hitler disbanded them? (1)
I’ve heard of majority Muslim divisions in the SS. What Role did they play, how did they come about and were there any other notable people or military groups serving in the war that may seem odd to us today? (1)
Exactly how widespread and common was re-purposing ships? (1)
Can you tell us a little about how the Polish Resistance was set up after the fall of Warsaw? (1)
Not a WW2 question, but what is your advice for Highschool student who hopes to become a historian? (1)
How true is it that allied ineptitude led to German expansionism? Or was inevitable at the hands of the National Socialist leadership? (1)
To what extent did German procurement of occupied territories military equipment make them more “war ready”? (1)
I was Wondering if Egypt had any active rule in WW2 or just was logistical support? (1)
Who could be the WW2 equivalent of our beloved general Conrad von Hötzendorf? (1)
Is it true that another reason the German Army disliked the SS was that they were given priority for new equipment and supply? (1)
What was Switzerland's role in WW2? (1)
Did all ages conscripts in Britain train and fight together or did they put older men in support roles? (1)
What other activity than the sinking of HMAS Sydney an Australian ship by German aux. cruiser Kormoran occured in the Pacific and Indian oceans during the early war? (1)
What was the French aerial technology up to this part of the war? (1)
What were the conditions on the Western Front before May 1940 (1)
If magnetic mines are so powerful, then why didn't the Germans use them instead of U-boots? (1)
Can you tell us a little information on Hungary and it's role in WW2? (1)
What was the exact purpose and functioning of the Siegfried Line? (1)
Why did the Imperial Japanese Navy lose the Battle of Midway? (1)
Léo Major, amazing soldier (1)
Could the Admiral Graf Spee have fought it's way out of Montevideo harbour and eacape? (1)
German naval plans (1)
As a child in occupied Norway, my grandma was given a ring by a Russian POW. Was it standard practice for Germany to allow civilians in occupied countries to interact with POWs? (1)