New Subseries? War for humanity?

Hi guys, how would you view a new subseries that would be basically the opposite of the Subseries ‘War against humanity’ that covers the heroic acts of single persons or even groups who showed humanity and compassion throughout the war? For example people like Wilm Hosenfeld, Oskar Schindler or Franz Stigler.

And btw I would suggest that this series (if planned) should be hosted by Spartacus as well :grin:.


Dimitar Peshev practically saved the entire jewish population of Bulgaria. By rights, he should get one of the first episodes, but unfortunately non-western people rarely get any recognition.


Desmond Doss would also be a very good person to include in this subseries if it happens. Served through WW2 as a US Army Medic but refused to carry a weapon with him at all due to his views.


Indeed, younger the first person I have heard this from Thanks. Maybe you can make an OOTF question and add some sources. There is a lot of interest in “new” stuff in the team.

My school history of Bulgaria sadly ended with Thracia :thinking::frowning:


Great idea, would love to see these heroes recognized in a series of videos. As for who hosts it, sure Sparty, but also the whole rest of the gang, and maybe guest hosts as well. This is a great idea.


You might be interested in checking these two (English) articles on Peshev. Preferably in order, since one article doesn’t cover much of the follow-up, and the latter gives more details of the aftermath.

Dimitar Peshev (
FOZ Museum | Never Forgotten: The Story of Bulgarian Holocaust Hero Dimitar Peshev

None mention that the Communist Party was deliberately trying to cover up the stopping of the deportations since that was a good deed; and saying that the Tsarist Government did something good is unacceptable. Remember, comrades, Tsarist Government evil, Communist Government good.


Brilliant idea, so many topics and people to cover. Edward “Teddy” Sheean would be of note.


As it turned out, I was correct. The coverage on the latest WAH was beyond disgraceful.

  • No mention of the widespread protests.
  • No mention of Dimitar Peshev, nor his speech to Parlimanet arguing the moral need to not go along with it.
  • Completely dismissing the whole thing while Western saviours get 5 minute segments.
  • Entirely focusing on the deported jews and doing everything to dismiss the act.

This frankly comes straight out of Yugoslavian anti-Bulgarian propaganda. Even a North Macedonian propaganda movie from 2012 that was DELIBERATELY designed as anti-Bulgarian propaganda gave MORE coverage to the saving of the Bulgarian jews than this episode. I almost expected to hear that all Bulgarians are Holocaust deniers because they talk about saving their jews. Shame.


Ask about that in the Ask Anything stream. :slight_smile:

Frankly, after this debacle, I am not interested in hearing their excuses. Such blatant manipulations should never happen in the first place. I’m more likely to stop following the channel alltogether.

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I’ll do the asking in that case then. Mind if you post the question here? I’m curious to hear what they have to say.

EDIT: Asked the question. Awaiting reply…


Here in the forum I have your back on this, @obiwanbul :slight_smile:


Cheers mate. I might be a bit sceptical of getting an official reply, but I appreciate it. :slight_smile:


I think a “Heros Of Humanity” series might indeed be interesting (though I think WAH is a big enough project for now - remember that TimeGhost is a tiny production staff for the bar they set for themselves.) There a certainly many brave people to pick from. A few suggestions

Bishop Clemens von Galen - revealed and spoke out against Aktion T4 in 1941

Wehrmacht Sgt. Anton Schmid - saved 300 Jews in Vilnius in April 1942

The “Warsaw Swedes” - trying to get the word out of what was happening in Poland beginning in 1942

Eduard Schulte - trying to get the word out in August 1942

Gerhart Riegner - WJC in Switzerland, trying to get the word out to a decidedly uninterested US State Department and British Foreign Office

Emanuel Ringelblum - documenting what was going on in Warsaw in 1942

The Polish “Provisional Committee for Aid to Jews”, a Gentile organization to try and keep Jews out of the death camps, formed in October of 1942 (also the “Zegota”)

Major Max Liedtke and Lt. Albert Battel, Wehrmacht officers who - with their men - refused to allow the SS to deport Jews from Przemysl in August 1942

… you might notice the 1941-2-ness events. In those years, with the Nazi’s riding high, it was very much personally dangerous to do this kind of thing. The bravery of such people should be rated as exceptional.

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Aah… Just another day in the Balkans.

On a serious note… What was the point of making such a movie and was the movie made by the old guys ,as i have heard the younger generation likes to get along and it is the older guys who like to fight?


Ok… Give me spoilers on that live stream… i was bored 5 mins in… (And i am too lazy to watch an hour and 30 mins of the stream… but don’t tell anyone that)


I stopped watching in an hour and a half when they didn’t answer my questions.


“What is the point” is a good question for anything to come out of that place in the last 30 years :wink:

This movie was officially sponsored by the nationalist government. The director was a distant cousin of the Prime Minister, and they even submitted it for an Oscar in the Best Foreign Film category. It didn’t get nominated.

This was around the period where they were doing a massive ‘antiquization’, aka remaking parts of Skopje to look like Athens and other ancient Greek cities. Oh? Did I say Greek? I meant ‘ancient Slavic Macedonians, Greeks don’t exist, they are all just Christianized Turks’. And yes, this was the official narrative. The narratives concerning Bulgaria usually rely on basic racism like “they are filthy mongoloids and not a pure Slavic race like us”. And if you make a movie presenting the Bulgars as evil fascist monsters, that makes racism okay… right?


Wow, that is shady. Not a good look on them.

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So you watched the entire thing lol… with only 7 mins remaining.

Also they didn’t answer your question because did not give them “da money”.

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