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Anyone know how to get permission to post on the Discord server?


Now that I think about it, neither have I! So, 8 months later… I’m a 20-something part German* Freemason with Asperger’s from a town just west of Austin, Texas who’s trying to get through college without getting into debt^. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved history. My passion is the geopolitical aspects such as the interactions between different leaders & their countries. I also like looking into current world politics & well-developed fictional worlds.

As for WWII, my great-grandfather was stationed in the Panama Canal while his wife’s 4 brothers were in just about every major front the U.S. was involved in during the war.

*With ancestry also from the British Isles, Huguenots, & a tiny bit of Coushatta.

^So far, so good.

Oh & I also post weekly overviews listing all current belligerents of the war here & on YouTube.


Hi this is Nick, I left a comment on your video almost a month ago. I am the guy who wrote about the book my great grandfather had about his unit’s time in the service. I was told to come here and to get in contact with a man named Joram. I have left a comment before but could not get any response. I don’t know if this is how to contact Joram, if I am making a mistake I would appreciate if someone would tell me. I am hoping to get in contact with him soon. If you know him could tag him please? Thank you. @Joram @Indy