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Welcome to the TimeGhost Army Community! This is where we make history. Above all, this is the place to discuss anything historical, from any time, from any place. It’s also the home of the friends of TimeGhost, and us Indy Neidell and Spartacus Olsson.

We started The Great War channel together in 2014, which Indy writes and hosts, but our passion for history goes much further than WWI and that’s why this place exists.

We love the weird, the unknown, the spectacular, and the oddly ordinary events and people that made us all what we are today.

We love facts, we love to look at things from a neutral and balanced perspective, we love to write and make videos.

But most of all we love learning together and sharing little bits of history with our community. And that’s what we hope that we can do, with you here on this forum.

So if you’re a fan of history too, let this become a new online home. But before you get started, please read our rules and guidelines.

You can see our content on:

Soon you will also see us on the WW2 channel, but we’ll get back to that later.

We’re eternally grateful for the wonderful support we have received from many of you on KickStarter and Patreon, this is what keeps our production going financially, without you all we wouldn’t be able to be here today. If you aren’t already a supporter you can either join us on Patreon, or directly on timeghost.tv. (As a TimeGhost supporter you get access to some more things than the mere mortals of the world ;-))

In any way you wish to be part of this, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and hope that you will enjoy being part of our community.

Let’s make history!

Indy and Sparty


Hey man, someone had to say it.


Hello from America! Just a quick request before things get too out of hand. I would like to share time ghost articles with my friends and family, but there seems to be quite a lot of inappropriate content in the articles especially. I know that we can’t change history, but for example in the Marie Antoinette article when you Spartacus writes about her sex exploits he brings up that there wasn’t a YouPorn for her to watch. I get the point you’re trying to make, but I think her exploits speak for themselves. So in the future, if it could be more PG-13 I think that would be best. Obviously, this is why I haven’t shared or even watched any of the Dicktionary videos. Not that they aren’t good, but just that it seems like your being crass for the sake of being crass. Possibly even trying to get views off of shock value. However, as I’ve said I believe that history can speak for its self without any gimmicks or crude comparisons. I am still excited for what you guys have in the future. keep up the good work!


We’ll try to think of that in the future wherever we can. With DicKtionary, we’re not being crass for the sake of crassness, or to fish for views. When developing the format we felt that it needed some humour to make the point that we don’t think that being a villain is cool thing - we’re making fun of the characters to some degree. When you try to make the kind of nasty stuff that we cover there funny, it’s very hard to make that completely family friendly without making the jokes fall on their face. We feel it’s an important format in as much as that we’re uncovering bad stuff from the past, with the purpose of learning from the mistakes of the past. Thanks for the feedback and always feel free to throw these kind of thoughts our way - we rely on your help to make this all the best possible experience.


That makes sense, thank you for the clarification. Really looking forward to more content in the future and thank you guys for all the great work you’re doing already.


At last the TimeGhost web page and Army are up… :grin:

I just want to be one of the first to thank everyone involved for putting this all together – Sparty, Indy, Astrid, Bodo, Anna and whoever else we don’t know of – thanks all.
The forum guidelines are clear and valuable. I hope people respect them. I’m excited to be here so early in the development of such a great series of projects. I wonder how it will evolve?:thinking: Lets See…


Glad to be here! I really loved what you guys did with The Great War and am looking forward to all of your projects coming up!:grin:


Thanks for adding me to the site. I feel like the forum needs subforums or categories for the various shows.


1,2,3 test… It’s alive, It’s alive!


We will be adding more structure to the forum during the next days.


@grantwgammon To be honest, I don’t think this is a big deal outside the USA. We don’t have that constant bleeping on the TV and no problem with nudity and sexual topics. I mean sure, I can’t speak for everybody, I’m just trying to point out that in general audiences around the globe won’t mind your YouPorn example. I get your point, but I have to agree with @Spartacus that the content is not trying to create “shock value”, as you put it.


Question: Which Patreon tier includes WW2 site as well?


All tiers equal to, or higher than a $4.50 pledge - for those who have signed up before March 21 2018 and pledged for the $3.00 Spirit tier the WW2 site will also be included. (The Sprirt tier is no longer available for new pledges).


I didn’t even quite remember that I had pledged at Patreon (I knew about my Kickstarter pledge though) and was gonna take part. I then realized that I already had done so at the very beginning for the Spirit tier and can now access all the great stuff. Thank you very much for honoring the “early birds”, guys!


Finally, you did it! Is it too late for me? I’m still colorin’ my ol’ archival photos. If anyone can help, please do. I appreciate it.


I am new here, Hi everyone! :slight_smile:


Hey @Kaiserstruck! Welcome! :raising_hand_man:


Hello , I am new here , have been following The Great War for some years now , and deceided to join up with this project , born in 1980 , the ‘second generation’ after the World War II , in a area where Operation Market Garden taked place … Only need to watch a couple of videos , missed some along the way.

Cheer ,


Welcome! German or Dutch side of the line?


The Dutch site , I life near the operation market garden route , the corridor from EIndhoven to Nijmegen , lots of WW2 memorials , graveyards , museums and the like , wich interested me directly when I was a young boy , been to a couple of them last year , I would recommend the oldest of the Netherlands War Museum in Overloon near Venray , I think they are pretty open for a project like timeghost there , also …