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Oddly enough it is a pretty fair representation of what happened to the so called “Lost Battalion”. They got the basic story pretty spot on and the uniforms and gear were too. Not a bad movie at all, especially by “Hollywood” standards.


Totally unrelated to the movie, but I’m currently reading John Prados’s Normandy Crucible, where he makes repeated reference to a SPOILER 1944 American “Lost Battalion” in SPOILER Normandy during the SPOILER American breakout from the bocage in SPOILER Operation Cobra.

How many damned battalions was the US Army in the habit of losing in active service? :wink:


if nobody haven’t said it…
org tile # Den 12 mann
eng title # The 12th Man

a real story
about the Norwegian Resistance man Jan Baalsrud escape from Gestapo
that’s really good…


I would like to mention a movie from my country Romulus & Remus: The First King (Italian: Il primo re, 2019). It’s a retelling of the story of Romolus and Remus, the director collaborated with several archeologist to make this movie in which only proto-Latin with subtitles is spoken.
Sadly I do not have many informations about foreign distribution.


List of WWII films in chronological order

Hi all,

I recomend an italian movie from 2002 on the battle of El Alamein, it tells the perspective of a group of soldiers of the “Pavia” infantry division.
Original title: El Alamein, la linea del fuoco
Title in english: El Alamein, the line of fire



As a little side project I’ve decided to make some subtitles for the initial scene of the Italian movie La Grande Guerra (about the Great War) which I consider to be one of the best war movies of all time.
You just need to click on the subtitles button, bear in mind that I’m not a native English speaker so there could be mistakes. I would appreciate some feedback (either positive or negative).


Enemy at the Gates for the Soviet-German front during WW2


Brestskaya krepost (about the battle for the Brest-Litovsk fortress)

Talvisota (The Winter War, make sure to get the extended version)


New patron here, can anyone help me pick out which version of Das Boot to watch? The internet doesn’t seem to have a clear idea of which is better.


There is no best version… if you are talking about the 1981 movie and series. You can simply watch all of them, they are very good. I would say that the Director’s Cut might be the “best choice” since there are not that many awesome new scenes in the series. So it’s okay if you don’t watch the series.

I recently found an awesome version of the Heavy Water sabotage mission. The Heroes of Telemark is pretty good, but Kampen om tungtvannet (1948) is much more accurate and realistic. AND half of the actors are the ACTUAL team that DENIED Hilter the bomb.

Kampen om tungtvannet (1948)




Thanks. Is there much difference between the director’s cut and the series? I assume different actors and update effexts and sounds? I’ll have to try out that movie.


The 1981 movie also has a series format, because it’s 1 hour longer than the Director’s Cut, which is extended already. I really don’t care about the new stuff produced now, sorry.


There are essentially three version of the 1981 Das Boot.

The cinematic version, 149 minutes.
Wolfgang Petersen’s directors cut, 208 minutes.
A “mini series” version, 281 minutes.

I have that last one, and it basically does a lot more character development as well as extend many scenes. Really bringing home the contrast between long periods of boredom and short bursts of action. The cinematic version has relatively more action. I strongly recommend the longest version.

The 2018 series is basically a sequel.


I did a quick search and maybe As far as my feet will carry me (So weit die Füsse tragen) hasn’t been mentioned yet. It’s not a war movie in that sense it’s not about fight but a German prisoner of war during WW2 in a Siberian camp who escapes and walks home in years. It is based on a book that is based on an interview with a German soldier who told he really did it, but lately the authenticity of the story is questionned. Despite of this, it is a great drama I think and contains some important thoughts, like that many of German soldiers didn’t even know about how serious measures were actually taken against jews during the war (like concentration camps).


Should we make fake Downfall translation video about TimeGhost?


Knowledge of the anti jewish measures was far more widespread than the Germans tried to claim during the Cold War. In the earlier stages of the war (1941-1943), basically nearly all German Wehrmacht soldiers (not just the SS) had received extensive lectures, leaflets and instructions about what kind of a war Hitler intended the war in the east to be. It was made very clear that “extreme measures” would be taken against jews, bolsheviks, jewish bolsheviks etc. Considering the large scale participation of the Wehrmacht in mass shootings as well as the destruction of thousands of towns, villages and settlements it is considered very unlikely that many were ignorant about this.

This is one of many more recent books that has picked apart the old Cold War myths about the Wehrmacht.

One of the reasons they fought on so desperately to the bitter end (see also: Ian Kershaw’s book "The End, 1944-1945) is that soldiers knew of the massive crimes that had been committed and feared the Red Army would do to Germany what the Wehrmacht had done to eastern Poland and the western Soviet Union.


Probably. Though I personally would have used that scene of Hitler getting angry over the phone. Imagine if Indy was phoning him in the beginning of every episode and he got these.


Ok, now, I want this to happen. Probably in 2024, on the last week of the Battle of Berlin Indy should do this. :grin: