War Movie Recommendations


Hello everyone, as an enthusiast movie-goer I’d like to recommend you a couple of movies from my homeland concerning the World Wars.

The Great War (Italian: La Grande Guerra) is a movie directed by Mario Monicelli who is considered by many (myself included) as one of the greatest Italian directors.
The story is about a duo of underdogs who tries to get by in the harsh environment of the Isonzo front, despite the situation there’s also room for comedy and light hearted moments while the brutality and the meaningless of the war are always present.
A note of merit goes to the inclusion of traditional wartime songs in the soundtrack and the realism of the battles.
One of the best Italian movies ever made by far.


Everybody Go Home (Italian: Tutti a Casa) is a comedy-drama about the chaotic and surreal situation of a platoon of Italian soldiers in the aftermath of the 8 September armsitice.
The movie captures well the atmosphere of cunfusion that carachterized the days after.


Sorry if I made mistakes in the presentation, English is not my moter tongue.


Many good movies , couple of them I havn’t seen yet , I would recommend , the Darkest Hour , not a ‘war movie’
perse , but a movie about Churchill his decission to join the World War II , If had a weakness for Winston Churchill since I have been a teenager , good movies , also potray Winston Churchill as a human , with al his good sides but also his bad habits …


The movie takes a few liberties with events, but Gary Oldman was perfect as Churchill.


I know ofcourse it’s still a movie , but I think it was well done and a pretty good flix , and yes Gary Oldman was awesome …


I really enjoyed Foyle’s War. A British detective series placed in (and shortly after) the Second World War. I’ve looked into some of the situations that are used as a backdrop or main plot lines and whilst it’s definitely a fictional work there’s also a lot attention to historical detail.


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MY list of movies that no one else have mentioned.

  1. Downfall (actor who portrayed hitler should have won an Oscar)
  2. AMEN
  3. Eagle has Landed
  4. King’s Choice (about Norway’s King during German invasion)
  5. HHhH -Man w/ the Iron Heart (fantastic, how they show what lengths the Germans went to exact revenge on the assassination of R. Heydrich


I would like to recommend two movies, both by Italian director Roberto Rossellini, they were shot soon after the end of the war and they show the grim reality of the Italian Campaign through a collection of several short episodes, both movies were critically acclaimed worldwide and they represented the rebirth of Italian Cinema.

Rome, Open City (Italian: Roma città aperta, 1945)


Paisan (Italian: Paisà, 1946)



Danish occupation movie De røde enge from 1945… made short after the libertarian
about a resistance group who get caught tortured by gestapo and,…


The Best of Enemies (Italian: I due nemici, 1961) is Italian movie concerning the rivalry between an Italian officer (Alberto Sordi) and a British one (David Niven) during the Abissinian Campaign, one of my favourites WWII movies.



I just finished watching the propaganda movie about Vichy France. I highly recommend it!


i just want to add link to the trailer of unknown soldier trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTYesNj_sBg

Sitaatti Since we got to talking international WW2 movies, I thought I`d give an honorable mention to the Finnish war epic, Unknown Soldier.

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Hello I rearly post on this forum , but I just come back from ‘they never shall grow old’ , a war movie , documentary by Peter Jackson , in association with the Imperial War Museum (IWM) , and BBC , it was featured tonight in my local movie theater , and I was glad to notice it because I actually wanted to see the new avenger movie , I really would recommend it is , more a documentary then a movie , about the people who did witness the war from the frontlines , from the Englsih perspectieve …

It is ofcourse about the First World War , but nowadays I see 1914 as 1945 as one ‘lil century’ … Like some Historians do.


great recommendation, if this is the movie where the Finnish (pinko commie) pow’s put on a comedic play for the Fin kommandant, and the visiting German general and his staff? If it is this movie, it was absolutely funny and fantastic, even though there were sub-titles, but even so, def worth the watch.

Also, just a few others that NEED TO BE WATCHED

  1. DOWNFALL (there are sub-titles) the german actor who portrayed Hitler deserved an Academy Aw.
  2. AMEN

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Movie suggestions

This youtube video seems relevant to this thread:



City of Life and Death is a Chinese drama released in 2009 that received critical and commercial acclaim, the movie is about the Second Sino-Japanese War and the Nanking massacre.
Here’s one of my favourite scenes.


Nobody mentioned Das Boot yet?


Or Downfall? Except this, probably.


Operation Finale is about the capture and extraction of Adolf Eichmann from South America. He was the architect of the final solution for the Jess. It’s an excellent movie!


The Man Who Captured Eichmann was much better.


I will definitely have to see that movie!