Movie suggestions


I’ve got a friend who has never seen a war or historical movie except for the landing scene in Saving Private Ryan. Does anyone have any suggestions they could give. I’ve been looking on Netflix but can only find the Hurt Locker and FMJ.


For war movies, we have a thread just for that. Feel free to pick and choose :slight_smile:


“They Shall Not Grow Old” is incredible in that it makes WW1 seem like yesterday.


@baconnugget42 There’s already this thread
I suggest you close yours to avoid unnecessary repetitions.


I have seen that movie last monday , in my local movie theater , I was totally suprised that they did show it in my hometown , and I was not the only one attending it , pretty good flix …

It should be showed in History Class in Middle or High Schools if you ask me …


Can you tell me how to close it I’ve been looking but can’t find a button for it


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