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Dear TimeGhost Army,

We are very happy with the results of the last few picture hunts, you’re really helping us a lot here! We’re still not getting too much suggestions for video footage, but the photo’s are great. Keep it up!

You can help us by finding public domain photos or videos from the Reuters Archive . The Free Finnish Defence Forces Archive might be especially useful for the Finnish parts of this episode. If you want the urls to all the sources, click here !

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  • Germany troops in January 1940 (preferably a lot of them in one shot. Parade or inspection, troops at the fronts would be fine too)
  • Photo of German workers late 1930’s
  • German train arriving in a station in 1940 (video footage?)
  • Photo of the German War industry 1939 and early 1940.
  • French defensive forces, January 1940.
  • French armoured/mechanized army during the phoney war.
  • French defensive positions/guards/patrols on the western front during the phoney war.
  • Footage/photo of Josephine Baker or Maurice Chevalier performing.
  • German Enigma Machine in the 1930’s.
  • Photo of Marian Rejewski
  • Photo of Bletchley Park, England.
  • Photo of Dilly Knox’s decryption team.
  • Photo of Alan Turing
  • Soviet Artillery or Soviet Artillery transport in January 1940.
  • The Finnish Poppius Bunker near the Lähde Road, Winter War.
  • Soviet camouflaged 6 inch cannon, 1940.
  • Photo of German major General Friedrich Mieth
  • Polish workers, 1940.


Photo of the German War industry 1939 and early 1940.

The Rheinmetall-Borsig factory, Düsseldorf, Germany, 13 Aug 1939
Exists in the public domain


German battleship Bismarck immediately after launching. Hamburg, Germany 1939
Public Domain. According to the US Navy Naval History and Heritage Command, as of 21 July, 2010


Bismarck being fitted out with her 15 inch gun turrets. 10-15 December 1939
Public Domain

French defensive positions/guards/patrols on the western front during the phoney war

French soldiers stationed inside Maginot Line fortifications. Late 1939. Public Domain

Photo of Alan Turing


Public Domain

Photo of Bletchley Park, England


Photo of Marian Rejewski

In the photo as second lieutenant (signals), Polish Army in Britain, in late 1943 or in 1944, Public Domain

French armoured/mechanized army during the phoney war.


AMR 35 Light Tanks in 1940, Public Domain,

I found photos for several other categories but unfortunately, they were either behind a paywall, or not in the public domain.


I found two photos of him:


Both are from the Wikipedia


203 mm howitzer M1931 (B-4) during Winter War

Original in RGAKFD:


Sites that have this photo site as a source
Licensing: my understanding is that this is just a guy uploading various stuff from archives online. The owner says that it’s all free on the home page, but I have no idea if he has an authority to make such claims.


Does a modern photo count? The building looks the same as it was then.


Alan Turing (colorized)


Original photo source:

Public domain


Marian Rejewski (colorized and cleaner)


Original photo source:

Public domain