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Because we are improving our workflow schedule, we’re working ahead of time and at multiple episodes at the same time. We’d like to invite you to help find pictures for the 18th episode (It’s Christmas now!) as well!

You can help us by finding public domain photos or videos from the Reuters Archive. The Free Finnish Defence Forces Archive might be especially useful for the Finnish parts of this episode. If you want the urls to all the sources, click here!

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  • Photo of German trade in China, 1937

  • Photo of Henry Morgenthau

  • Photo of Soviet T-26 tanks in use in the Chinese army

  • Photo of Christmas Day on the Western Front

  • Photo of Battle of Taipale, 25 December 1939

  • Photo of Soviet Forces crossing a frozen river

  • Photo of Finnish Machine gun position (ideally in foggy weather)

  • Photo of Soviet units at Kelja, December 1939

  • Photo of the Battle of Kelja, December 1939

  • Photo of Battle of Suomussalmi (Winter War), 27 & 28 December 1939.

  • Photo of Finnish burning farms, Winter War 1939.

  • Photo of Sniper Simo Häyhä.

  • Photos of Finnish forces advancing Winter War, December 1939.

  • Photo of German industrialist Fritz Thyssen

  • Photo of massmurder in Wawer, near Warsaw, 26 December 1939.

  • Photo of Indian Troops arriving in France, December 1939.


If it’s Henry Morgenthau junior, here:,_Jr.,New_York-NARA-_196023.jpg


The aftermath of the Battle of Raate Road, which was the part of Battle of Suomussalmi

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International


Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International


I did the colorized version.


Photo of massmurder in Wawer, near Warsaw, 26 December 1939.

Antoni Bartoszek hanged by the Germans near the entrance to his restaurant at Wawer.

Public domain

Massacre in Wawer, 1939.

Public domain

Colorized versions


In foggy weather:





Colorized version.


Public domain in China


Colorized version.


Men of Force K6, 22 Animal Transport Company (Mules), Royal Indian Army Service Corps, shortly after disembarking at Marseille.

Public domain

Colorized version.

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