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Dear TimeGhost Army,

We love how a number of you joined the picturehunt already! We need your help for another World War Two Episode! This episode is mostly about the Winter War and the Second Sino-Japanese War, and we need some really interesting images!

You can help us by finding public domain photos or videos from the Reuters Archive. The Free Finnish Defence Forces Archive might be especially useful for this episode. If you want the urls to all the sources, click here!

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:arrow_right: Have you found one of them? Write ‘which of the listed pictures it is’, ‘the url where you found it’ and ‘the licensing situation’.

Happy Hunting :camera_flash:!


  • Photo of German Armed Cruiser Atlantis December 1939

  • Photo of the Coil System used to demagnetize ships

  • Photo of RAF Vickers Wellington bomber squadrons 1939

  • Photo of Individual Vickers Wellington Bomber (1939)

  • Photo of the Battle at Summa, December 1939.

  • Photo of troops at the Lähde and Lähde road, December 1939.

  • Photo of Russian Sappers in the Winter War 1939.

  • Photos of Soviet Tanks in the Winter War 1939. (More the merrier)

  • Photos of Soviet Mechanized Divisions in the Winter War 1939.

  • Photo of Finnish anti-tank Defences in the Winter War 1939

  • Photo of multiuple destroyed Soviet Tanks in the Winter War, December 1939

  • Photos of an individual destroyed Soviet Tank in Winter War, December 1939

  • Photos of Japanese or Chinese troops in Shanxi province, China in late 1939.

  • Photo of Chiang Kai Shek at his HQ at Guilin

  • Photo of Battle at Kunlun Pass, 18 December 1939.

  • Photo of battle of Kaifeng in Henan Province, 16 December 1939.

  • Photo of Chinese movements near Hohhot and Saiquin, December 1939.

  • Photo of Chinese troops in Baotou, 19 December 1939.

  • Photo of Jozef Stalin at his 60th Birthday in 1939.


Just black-and-white? Or can it also be colorized?


Colorized would be great as well!!


Well, good 'cause you have that colorized photo of Hans Frank. And I’m coloring the photo of Fritz Kuhn’s arrest.


Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

Public domain


Sappers at the bridge construction near Finnish frontier post Yappinen(Joutselkä, now Simagino).

Original source is the Russian State Documentary Film & Photo Archive (RGAKFD):

Licensing situation unclear


A foxhole for a man who would throw a satchel charge at a tank as it drove past. Summa 14.12.1939

2 photos of Russian tanks taken at the battle of Summa. 01.12.1939

All pics were taken from SA-kuva. They are free to use as long as you mark SA-kuva as the source somewhere.

Btw did you make a mistake at with “Lähde and Lähde road” beacuse I can’t find either of those anywhere?


Great Photo’s, thanks for the effort!

Lähde road is what the script says, but now that i’m checking it myself i have difficulties finding online references to it. I’ll ask indy.


Indy’s response:

yeah, it’s real- and it’s going to be important again in February. Your main problem looking it up is that it is not part of Finland any more, The whole Karelian Isthmus is part of Russia now. I don’t know the Russian name, but I know where it is.
Here’s a good description of where it was (Url on here’s).


I think this link requires us to actually have access to this book


Russian Wiki says there is nothing there anymore. Is this Lähde road where Fort Poppius stands?,29.0797557,14.67z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x469723cccc687df1:0x6de4b9e60a45b93d!2z0J7Qt9C10YDQviDQltC10LvQsNC90L3QvtC1!8m2!3d60.5070461!4d29.0551934!3m4!1s0x4697223878fbf17f:0xc5a654181d78c9bc!8m2!3d60.5076864!4d29.0872398
Lähde in red circle

This photo of destroyed T-28 is attributed to the first Soviet attack at Lähde(in December) by several russian articles, but the origin of photo and licensing status is unclear:


Not a tank, but hey, it has 45mm cannon! (BA-10 armored cars that just had crossed the Finnish border)

Licensing status unclear


Hey @noariki, the Russian photos are really great! Those are the photos we would almost never have found ourselves. But about the Licensing. Is the source of the photo never mentioned? And doesn’t the Russian state archive have any rules for this? I tried to look but Google Translate is a rough tool to find this out with.


In the armored car case, I couldn’t find where they came from, there just a bunch of yandex users who uploaded them to their photo storages, I will double check the links. As for sappers photo, RGAKFD doesn’t have any clear statement on the site. They do provide the service of creating digital copies of photos(about 4$ a piece for a lowest resolution, list is here(russian only) but don’t mention if it implies any form of licensing.
You might have a better luck writing to them (I guess I could do that on your behalf)
(They do have more sappers photos :smiley: )
Another thing regarding sappers, by the way. My understanding is that the “Big” thing for Soviet sappers during the Winter War was blowing up some of the bunkers of the Mannerheim Line, but that only started happening after new year and so all the photos of them dragging explosives to Finnish positions come from 1940. Did you mean to ask for those, or do you actually want the ones from 1939 for some foreshadowing?


@noariki According to Spartacus, photo’s taken by the Soviet government including the Red Army before 1989 is public domain. About the sappers, pictures closest to the timeframe we’re talking about (which still is 1939) is the best, but for the sake of illustration, 1940 would work as well.


I guess that would mean that as long as you get the digital copy of a photo you might be in a clear. Does the Soviet Government clause include Soviet front line correspondents?

My question regarding sappers was, what do you want them to do in the picture :slight_smile:


Snippet from the script: ‘The village of Lähde itself, 5km down the road, is an important strategic junction. The attack here is begun by Russian sappers. They creep in close to the Finnish defenses under cover of the barrage and they then set off huge explosive charges that blow open paths in the rocks and barbed wire. 50 tanks then attack in a wedge and break into the Finnish trench network.’


So, armored cars photo is by Mark Redkin
Военный альбом: Бронеавтомобили БА-10 на марше после пересечения советско-финской границы. Карельский перешеек.
The scans might have come from this photobook:

The photo also seems to be available at Central State Documentary Film & Photo Archive of Saint-Petersburg

subscription is required to see the photo on the website, but author/description and date match

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Soviet sappers delivering explosives to the bunkers at Summakylä (February 1940)
Strangely enough, the sources that I was looking through mention nothing about sappers being at Lähde on 17th of December, but I guess Indy would know better.
Военный альбом: Советские саперы выдвигаются к финским ДОТам в районе Сумма-Хотинен (финское обозначение - укрепрайон "Суммакюля").
original source:
RGAKFD appears to have the photos from the same batch but not this specific one:

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One of the two T-28 Finnish army captured at Lähde
I’m not sure about original source, but the photo was featured on the cover of
Cover 1940 Schweizer Illustrierte Zeitung