America at war! (1941–) – Part 4

UNRRA failure in Balkans acknowledged

Lehman may alter policies of agency
By Edward P. Morgan

Canadian troops seize bridgehead

Allies clamping pincer on foe in Po Valley

Medal of Honor for slain hero

War prisoner privileges in Pennsylvania curbed

Commandant said to have erred
By Robert Taylor, Press Washington correspondent

Yanks forget mud, heat, ice – it’s Christmas

Words of hope, cheer sent prisoners
By the United Press

Millett: Mom proud of her son

Lad in uniform shares joy
By Ruth Millett

Hopper: Among other things, that P. Sturges is penning a movie yarn for H. Lloyd

By Hedda Hopper

Montgomery’s confusion ended by court action

Dinah Shore and husband George adopt his professional moniker
By Erskine Johnson

Monahan: Surveying the holiday offerings, including Gerty’s triangle play

By Kaspar Monahan

Former prisoner of Nazis too coach movie actors

President to radio greetings

All networks to carry Yule talk
By Si Steinhauser

A Marine, and his hopes and dreams, returns from the shadow of death

By Lt. Cord Meyer Jr., USMCR

Alsatian slain for refusing oath

‘MacArthur’s aide’ held as AWOL soldier

Editorial: Christmas 1944

Editorial: More than a myth

Editorial: Excrescences, eh?

Perkins: Murray urges international labor group

Article in Soviet Union paper announced
By Fred W. Perkins, Scripps-Howard staff writer

Perkins: Statistics on strikes

By Fred W. Perkins, Press Washington correspondent

Combat pictures illustrate Margaret Bourke-White’s book

Portrays naked truth of battle
By John D. Paulus

Royalty goes to Wall Street in Harding’s Lost Waltz

Whereabouts of members of exiled Hapsburgs adventure story
By Harry Hansen

Sports suspension in 1945 unlikely

Pros to back new order but will continue

Williams: New pro grid leagues still in ‘dream’ stage

Mushroomed circuits built on doubletalk, vague post-war plans
Joe Williams