America at war! (1941– ) (Part 1)

Secret weapon gives Marines firmer grip

Has thorough training with new ‘heavy stuff’ before launching drive

FDR may use war powers to curb inflation

Quick action to forestall Congressional debate expected soon in capital

AEF must toughen up for action, says chief

Time in short, men need hardening to face rigorous operations, Eisenhower asserts

Nazis rush aid as U.S. fighters attack in Egypt

Send air reserves to meet Yank threat – Messerschmitt downed

U.S. resumes trade with French colonies

Washington (UP) – (Aug. 15)
Resumption of trade between the United States and French colonies, suspended after pro-German Pierre Laval assumed power in Vichy, was revealed in a statement today by the Office of War Information.

It said the French freighters Île de Noirmoutier) and the Île d’Cusessant sailed from the United States on Aug. 9 for Casablanca, French North Africa, and that two other French ships – the Île de Ré and the Aldebaran – sailed from Casablanca two days later.

Statisticians see big 1992 reunions for class of ‘42

Reunions of the class of 1942, 50 years from now, will be big events, according to the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company which figures that half the boys and three-fifths of the girls who got their college degrees this year will still be around then.

Other prophecies by the company’s statisticians, based on scientific formulas, include the statement that persons who undertake a personal five-year plan or business venture are almost certain to see it through. The chances are better than nine in ten for men anywhere up to the age of 55 and for women up to 60.

Chances of living another quarter-century for a man of 20 are also nine in ten; at 30, they are five in six; at 40, they are two in three and even at 50, they are two in five.

The typical mother, whose average age at birth of her child is 28, has the chance of one in three of being alive when that child is 50; while the average father, 32, has only one in five.

Fighting 14th hails reports that Guard call to duty nears

Back from maneuvers, World War I veterans fit to enter battle again


Maine will launch 8 ships tomorrow


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Opening of Fort Greene Houses stresses wartime significance


Urges war penalty for persons, not nations

Providence, Rhode Island – (Aug. 15)
The United Nations can take a long step toward winning the war by forming a pre-treaty agreement to combat Goebbels’ propaganda and smooth the way for a reasonable permanent peace treaty, according to Prof. Alfred C. Neal of Brown University.

Punishment of persons, not nations, was urged by Prof. Neal, who asserted punishing the German nation would lead to a future war.

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AWVS Motor Corps serves 14 military posts

Brooklyn is busiest place in country for girl volunteers in convoy service

Judgment of Solomon

Orson Welles gets results the hard way

U.S. Navy Department (August 17, 1942)

Navy Communiqué No. 107

South Pacific Area.
It is now possible to issue some details of the attacks and landing operations which have been in progress in the Solomon Islands since the early morning of August 7 (local time).

The attacks were a complete surprise to the enemy and 18 of their seaplanes were destroyed before they could get into action.

Transport-borne, amphibious forces of the U.S. Marine Corps made several landings on islands in the Guadalcanal-Tulagi area. Vigorous enemy resistance was rapidly overcome and a number of Japanese prisoners were taken. The shore positions taken by U.S. forces have since been developed and are now well established.

During these landing operations, cruisers and destroyers were so disposed as to protect our transports and cargo ships as they unloaded troops and equipment. While thus engaged on August 7 and August 8, our forces were attacked by enemy land-based aircraft. These attacks were driven off and at least 18 more enemy planes destroyed, while only minor damage was suffered by our forces.

During the night of August 8-9, an enemy force of cruisers and destroyers attempted to attack our transports, cargo ships and supporting forces. This enemy force was intercepted and engaged by our cruisers and destroyers. The heavy fighting which followed resulted in the enemy being forced to retreat before reaching the vessels engaged in the landing operations. The close-range fighting during this night engagement resulted in damage both to the enemy and to our forces. This night action is the only engagement between surface forces which has been fought to date in the Solomon Islands.

It is impossible, in night engagements, to determine accurately the damage inflicted on the opposing force. No further statement is made at this time of the extent of damage to our forces because of the obvious value of such information to the enemy.

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Brooklyn Eagle (August 17, 1942)

War turning point seen in parley

Harriman, high U.S. Army chiefs join in confab

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Great naval battle rages, Aussies hear

See Solomons rival to Coral Sea, Midway – Marines gain steadily

Meatless days rationing loom to ease shortage

Administrator warns of U.S. action to assure equitable distribution

First families occupy Fort Greene Houses

Navy Yard workers well pleased with new homes at city’s big project

Pacific Fleet’s dramatic rehearsal for attack on Solomons described

By Joe James Custer

Daring U.S. fliers inspire Chinese Army