Statisticians see big 1992 reunions for class of ‘42 (8-16-42)

Brooklyn Eagle (August 16, 1942)

Statisticians see big 1992 reunions for class of ‘42

Reunions of the class of 1942, 50 years from now, will be big events, according to the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company which figures that half the boys and three-fifths of the girls who got their college degrees this year will still be around then.

Other prophecies by the company’s statisticians, based on scientific formulas, include the statement that persons who undertake a personal five-year plan or business venture are almost certain to see it through. The chances are better than nine in ten for men anywhere up to the age of 55 and for women up to 60.

Chances of living another quarter-century for a man of 20 are also nine in ten; at 30, they are five in six; at 40, they are two in three and even at 50, they are two in five.

The typical mother, whose average age at birth of her child is 28, has the chance of one in three of being alive when that child is 50; while the average father, 32, has only one in five.