Wreckage of USS Samuel B. Roberts ("Sammy B.") from Taffy 3/Samar found

USS Samuel B. Roberts
World’s deepest shipwreck, the Sammy B, is discovered by explorers

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The outgunned destroyer, USS Johnston, slugged it out with Japanese battleships in 1944 to protect U.S. fleet.

Battle off Samar - Wikipedia

"Photos shared online by Vescovo show the ship’s bow and fallen mast engulfed in blue water and indicate where the vessel was likely hit by a battleship round during the Battle off Samar, the final engagement of the larger Battle of Leyte Gulf in 1944.

The Sammy B took part in the large naval battle in October 1944, which involved an improbable victory in the waters surrounding the Philippines. Several small U.S. destroyers and destroyer escorts, outnumbered, engaged the Imperial Japanese Navy, including its huge Yamato battleship, forcing it into retreat.

But after expending virtually all her ammunition, the Sammy B was hit by a Japanese battleship and sunk, along with other U.S. vessels, including the USS Johnston.

The USS Johnston, which previously held the record for the deepest shipwreck found at 6,469 meters below sea level, was surveyed by Vescovo and his team in March 2021. Vescovo, a former U.S. Navy reserve intelligence officer, has also made three dives to the Titanic."


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