What war should time ghost cover week by week after WW2 is done?


The Russain civil war. I think it’s as least as relevant today as the wars in Korea and Vietnam are but it’s less talked about in America and Europe


I think 24 million people died in the Russian Civil War too.


Here are the two main wars I was leaning towards at the time I made this forum, I was thinking they should do the American civil war week-by-week, and it then occurred to me that assuming they start covering the civil war in 2024 (as in that the conclusion of the second world war), it would take them through to 2028, which would nicely tie in with the 175th anniversary of the start of the Crimean war. This wouldn’t be perfect as the civil war ends in May, and the Crimean war starts in October, so there would be a bit of a time lag, but obviously by then it would be conceivable that the time ghost channel would be big enough to be able to stand on its own feet for a few months, so that might not be that big a deal. It does however seem that there is a clear preference for Korea as the next war. It would however be possible I guess for them to cover a few lesser known wars week-by-week on the time ghost channel as a stopgap before doing the Crimea stuff on the 175th anniversary after doing Korea I guess. the first balkan war would be a good one for that I think, though it started in October and ended in May so they could perhaps do the second balkan war as well, thus taking them to August and they could then carry themselves to October with some prelude to Crimea videos. What do you guys think of this? I realize this is quite in depth and that I am thinking ahead to 2028, I have had too much free time lately I’m afraid.


The great war is doing that one in depth aren’t they?


Korea…maybe some type of “Cold War Era” - with two sections, part 1 covering the last days of 1945, the beginning of 1946, the division of Germany, and negotiations until Korean War, until the foundation of Israel. After this, part 2, bringing “Six Day War”,Afghanistan vs URSS, Vietnam and Malvinas (Falklands).


They were going to do a “cold war in Europe” thing, but Kings and Generals started a cold war channel that steals indy’s format, so that has caused them to put that plan on ice, as they know that people would watch videos from one or the other, so the views would be diluted.