What war should time ghost cover week by week after WW2 is done?


Right so don’t ask me why but I was thinking about this today, and was curious what people thought about this. People will now have a whole five extra years to talk about this. Hope Indy, Sparty, and company don’t mind. Honestly I am still a little torn myself on this question. Interested to hear what people have to say.


The war in which my father fought - Korea.


I vote for the Hundred Years War. That should keep the channel going for a bit.


I would love to see them cover a relatively recent conflict like The Gulf War. Maybe a multi-part special like their Cuban Missile Crisis videos.


As for relatively recent conflicts, I recommend for them to cover, say, either the small-scale U.S. interventions of the 1980s (Lebanon, Grenada, Panama, and the rest) or the Iran-Iraq War (though its 8 year length is 5 years longer than my earlier suggestion for the war in Korea).


Vietnam would be interesting.


30 years war every season would also be a very interesting series.


Could you tell us more about your father’s service in Korea?


My father also served in Korea and was a POW for awhile. My vote would be for Korea and then Vietnam.


I vote for the Korean war. But I would like to see a small scale version of the Suez war and the Battle of Dien Bien Phu in the future.


My number one pick for the next one is the Korean War, but for the one after, I have a bit of an oddball pick. I’d love to see a month-by-month series on the War of Austrian Succession from 1740 to 1748—1739 to 1748 when you factor in the War of Jenkins’ Ear. Like WWI is the lesser known prequal to WWII, the War of Austrian Succession is this to the Seven Years’ War—which is described by some historians as “World War Zero”, but I think both fit the criteria for world war status. They both offer the same large scope as the last two series, but unlike them they’re not as well known & also feature major fighting in the Americas & India which we haven’t seen before. It would be awesome if we got both, but I want the War of Austrian Succession first because its aftermath is what sets the stage for the Seven Years’ War. You could honestly do six series with the War of Austrian Succession, Seven Years’ War, American Revolutionary War, French Revolutionary Wars, Napoleonic Wars, & Latin American wars of independence because they all lead into the next! :star_struck:


My Opa (German for grandfather) who pasted away a few months ago also served there too. I think heard other family members say he did some stuff behind the lines, but I don’t know for sure.


Dad was a high school graduate over a month before enlisting in the Army (July 1950). He remained in Korea, serving in the 2nd Infantry (Sgt), before coming back home in 1954. This was his only wartime service. He’s still alive at the ripe old age of 87. He still has vivid memories of his service and occasionally visits the Korean War Memorial to commemorate his friends and fellow servicemen who died in the war.


To anyone new to the Korean War - being a POW of North Korea/China, especially an American POW, was the definition of hell.


As a matter of fact I have sent them a message suggesting they do operation desert storm week by week exactly thirty years after the events they’re describing happened (in 2021). Hope they take my suggestion on.


Not week by week surely.


Doesn’t that overlap with the show they’re doing now?


You can thank him for his service.


I’ve been thanking my Dad for the last four decades of my life and I still am. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

His experiences in Korea were also one of many reasons (long story) why I’m somewhat of a hard-line anti-communist.


Damn me I meant to add at the end from me. You can thank him for his service from me.