What war should time ghost cover week by week after WW2 is done?


Oh yes, I get it. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Lmao. In seriousness the thought has occurred to me that they could maybe to a weekly series on the hundred years war, with them recapping one year each week, thought that might be kinda cool.


Definitely the Great Usenet Flame War of 1992. Then it can cover the Great Twitter War of 2016. Seriously though, the Korean and Chinese Civil Wars would be natural options.


Another vote for Korea, though possibly just run straight through from WW2 into the Nationalists vs the Communists in China and how that ends up affecting the way Korea plays out


I agree with most here.
Korea is the next, let’s call it major conflict (I’m sure there were plenty of wars around the world I may have never heard about.)
It would fit the timeline


I agree that the Korean War should be the next war to cover. Multiple countries (both UN and non-UN members) were involved, and an examination of how that war’s outcome affects the world today would be important to raise.

After that, I would like to see something on the Seven Years War and, for a change of pace, the Space Race.


My father was in WW2 with the 4th Armored and then went to Korea when the (police action )war started. What I know about my father’s participation I learned from my mother and from a book by the Army. In this book, I’m sorry I don’t remember the name, there were several pages about my dad. He was on patrol when he and several other soldiers in his platoon were captured.


The book was lost many years back. My Dad never wanted to talk about his experiences in Korea when he was alive. He passed away in 1986.


However I do have the book on the Fourth Armored. It was written in 1945.


It does sound kinda awesome to have a family member feature heavily in a history book.


Perhaps a suggestion that is a little bit out of the war-box … but short week-by-weeks series of the “European Autumn” in 1989 … or basically “Tiananmen June 1989 - Fall of Causcescu Christmas 1989” would be something I would love to see.


The Anglo-Zanzibar War, the war can be covered in one ore three videos due the length of the conflict.


Would love to see a series on the American Civil War or Napoleon’s 100 Days


I have found the book that talks about my father’s service in Korea. The name of the book is " Combat Actions in Korea (Infantry • Artillery • Armor) by Captain Russell A. Gugeler. In trying to take Hill 465 my father’s platoon was surrounded and captured by North Korean Communist soldiers. At some point during his captivity my father managed to escape. He never would talk about what he endured during his internment. There was one thing that my mother and I learned not to do and that was to never awaken him from a nap by touching him. He would jump up with his hands made into fists ready to fight.


Anybody want to see the US War in Afghanistan covered? Week by week would be impossibly long though.


Think only wars that are not so much in the news is better.


Napoleanic wars, American civil war, chinese civil war


Just do the First Balkan War. Channel will be set for life in term of views.


recent wars hace not been covered so well as this channel does to ww2. i believe the interventions of the US in the middle east could be a good way to continue this channel


The interesting thing is that hugely important aspects of the War in Afghanistan are not covered in the news.