The valiant Defenders of Ukraine

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The change from “pledges” to “pipelines” in Europe is the most important change. We do not know what pipelines exist, anti air missiles are at least for the IRIS T SLM one of them. The discussions are now on fighter jets. Which need a longer preparation time before they can delivered next week.

The Australian official evaluation of the situation:

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4 more IRIS-T SLM and 6 IRIS-T SLS systems and ammunition have been added to the delivery list by the German goverment.

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I believe you announced a 2.5 billion Euro package……biggest yet.

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You are going in circles. But repetition is mother of learning.

Russia’s aim was to achieve neutral Ukraine that will not discriminate against ethnic Russians. It has not set out deadlines for achieving those goals. Ultimate goal of Russia is establishment o new, stable security architecture in Europe (and preferentially the World), as proposed in December '21 proposals to NATO and US. It has turned out to be way to complicated for simpletons running the west these days, so military option was unavoidable and Russia chose not to have it on its own territory like in previous times of western expansions.

I have already provided you with extensive documented answer about ethnic cleansing of Serbs:

And of Russians:

Largest Ukrainian population outside Ukraine is in Russia. Largest number of refugees from Ukraine is in Russia.

You might want to look at it as a message to the Green man. His “bravery” was result from the initial promise by Putin that he will not be targeted. This was a message that the deal is off.

The Russian propaganda machine is in full swing again. As of this morning the official Russian report has stated that since July of 2022 Russia has destroyed that following

HIMARS destroyed —48(considering there are 20 HIMARS operating in Ukraine that is quite a feat and not one has been destroyed but a couple were damaged and repaired)

Patriot Missile site destroyed —1 (the site was damaged not destroyed and could be operational again shortly currently being assessed as to whether or not it can be repaired in Ukraine or needs to be shipped to Germany for repair)

Storm Shadow missiles destroyed —38 (currently nobody knows how many Storm Shadows have been launched by Ukraine but both Ukrainian and British sources say none have been shot down yet)

Leopard 2 tanks destroyed —12 (none have been damaged or destroyed yet and it is not known if they have been in combat in Ukraine yet)

Challenger 2 tanks destroyed —8 (see leopard 2 for same answer)

Lastly Russia claims Ukraine is unable to operational function as a complete military due to the low morale and high losses of western made equipment and that Russia will be in a position to strike shortly. I like how they they just described themselves and made it seem like Ukraine is in dire straights.


Weasels for Ukraine?:


While this video on the Wiesel makes many good points it really didn’t cover weather conditions.

How useful would it be in winter in snow and ice conditions?
In steep terrain can it climb out or would it be a sitting duck?
It touched briefly on mud to me it looks like anything outside of light mud conditions would be an issue for this vehicle.
How reliable are those narrow tracks and how easy would it be to throw them off in manoeuvres?
As to urban combat it has speed and agility going for it but it is extremely vulnerable to attacks from the sides, rear and top which in my mind means it can be easily neutralized by ambush tactics.

With all that being said Ukrainian forces have had a knack of surprising everybody with their improvisational skills when it comes to fighting an unorthodox war. So if they actually received these it would be interesting to see what they could do with them.


The UK announced they will host a flying school for Ukrainians focused on F16’s. So it seems Ukraine will be getting those.


Please do not confuse ‘refugee’ with ‘abductee’. Abduction is why there is an ICC warrant out on Putin and Maria Lvova-Belova.


The Wiesel is light infantry not armor. More mobile than every piece of armor in mud, hills and snow. But only protected against small arms and splinters. It is not a small tank.

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I too would wonder how it would do in Ukrainian mud but that applies to every vehicle made. If Ukraine wants them, it would be an interesting experiment. Can light vehicles would in an environment filled with scouting drones. They seem pretty vulnerable to infantry but in an ambush they would be terrifying too.

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The Bundeswehr uses the Wiesel 1 with well trained troops: Jäger (Ranger?), Fallschirmjäger (Paratrooper) and Gebirgsjäger (mountain troops).

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Ukraine is in the rasputiza area only in the north. The Ukrainian mud in the rest of Ukraine is just mud, not nearly liquid earth.

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OK, so now we have the Second Russian Civil War. Or Civil Uprising,

Honestly, that is one thing I did NOT expect.


It definitely caught many off guard that’s for sure. I wonder how much western militaries knew about the incursion and whether Ukrainian forces were directly involved or not.

According to reports Putin was not informed of the incursion until well into the afternoon due to his wanting everything on paper and refuses to use the internet. Some estimates place him Learning of the attack 7-9 hours after it began.

Initially it sounds like the force was only 50 men strong and it wasn’t until they started encountering resistance in force that more reinforcements came. Some reports had the regular Russian soldiers running away in panic until more Russian elements showed up 10-14 hrs after the border crossing happened.

Russians claimed 70 enemy were killed and multiple vehicles were destroyed however it sounds like the border crossers had no fatalities and only a few were wounded but again fog of war the truth might not be known for weeks or not ever.

Russian high command was in severe disarray that much is known and orders were continually issued and countermanded which was confirmed by sources within the Russian high command itself which lead to disjointed efforts to repel the invaders and lack of communication caused nothing but headaches for the high command.

Numbers aren’t clear yet but it sounds like 20,000 to 25,000 Russian soldiers were sent from Ukraine to Belgorad and will likely maintain a presence there for some time.


I hope this was only done to humiliate Putin and make them pull resources out of Ukraine to protect the border and not a start of a civil war.
A civil war with a dictator will be a bloody war, just look at the suffering in Syria.
Belarus depends on their masters in the Kremlin to keep the population down , if they have to pull out of Belarus to suppress their own uprising it may spark an uprising in Belarus.
I’m all for people beeing free but I do not see the Russian people wanting freedom , so a civil war will probably result in a next dictator stepping in and maybe getting the sanctions lifted because they are not the government that started the invasion of Ukraine

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I think the last sentence is the only 1 Ukraine cares about. Russian troops being forced to defend Russia rather than occupy Ukraine.

I’m not sure some of this is false flag propaganda. Both sides will use it for their own purposes. Imagine the propaganda of a destroyed tank with painted on German markings.

Militarily, a nothing.

Does NATO care?

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Had been done with T64+ - tanks, Russian propaganda does not need any connection to reality.

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