The Cold War channel


Hi, I have a question for the TimeGhost team. Recently a new channel named “the Cold War” appeared on YouTube. The formula of this channel seems identical to your current and previous work like the Great War of WWII channels. They already posted their first video (available to subscribers of K&G channel).
Seeing how this channel is similar to the ones created by the TimeGhost I thought that you guys are involved yet I couldn’t find any info to confirm it.
So just to be sure, are you guys involved? Or is it just inept plagiarism?


Just watched the video. That guy talks like American Spartacus. :slight_smile:

The shots (switching from the front to the side) remind me of the oldest videos from the Seriously Strange series. But other than that, I’d say this is like the Great War videos, music and all.

If this was sponsored by the guys behind TGW and TimeGhost, I would actually be surprised. But as of now, I don’t know. What I do know for sure is that I’m not a part of it and K&G had something to do with it. I don’t think he gave the credit though. But, hey, just me.


It is as @Veles put it, only “inept plagiarism” - I’m a bit disappointed as it led us to cancel our Cold War in Europe series, or at least postpone it.


Have you guys commented on his video? That would be interesting.


Indy did, they deleted the comment.


Hmm…I sense something shady. :thinking:

Have you screen-capped it?


Bit low of them to not at least acknowledge TGW or you guys as it looks like it’s copying the Great Wars new format as well as your Between Two Wars episodes. Depending how this pans out, I might have to end my patronage of Kings & Generals (hope not as they make some great content) and just give the extra money to you guys.


Same for me. I supported the Kings&Generals from the very beginning, but this might force me to reconsider it. I much rather give my money to TimeGhost.

Damn, this is just sad. I mean, how can someone be so shameless?


No we didn’t, but Indy saved the comment text, it was:
“Indiana Neidell
1 second ago
I’m almost impressed by how blatantly it seems you’re ripping off my format and concept. I know that imitation is the “sincerest form of flattery”, but come on- could you not do something original at all?”
I can understand why they deleted it… but still.


Well, we wouldn’t mind so much if they would have at least acknowledged us, but even then this hurts. Like I said it contributed to cancelling our cold war series. We even had a partner willing to front some badly needed money that we realy would have needed even if we didn’t do the cold war show. What with this going up we felt we needed to invest even more to make our product unbeatable, while knowing that we would gather less support when it gets divided between us and the new channel. So in the end we were insecure if we would reach enough income to make it worthwhile for the partner and pulled the breaks.


Any other series in mind? Perhaps non-20th century ones?


On the note of support.
Is it possible to send/donate books for research to you guys?


Dozens :wink: Indy and I have spent many years on other eras ‘in our youth’ - Indy studied Medieval European History and wrote his BA paper on the cultural and social effects of the Black Death, I’ve spent many years studying the early middle ages, so in many ways we have more, or at least as much experience there. And not to sound arrogant - but we’re damned fast learners. We’re also getting more comfortable with editing formats outside of the moving image era as we’ve started dealing with that for Sabaton and in the 19th century China episode for Between 2 Wars.

That being said, right now we have to focus everything on what we’ve already started. We’re still working at producing more smoothly and at top, top quality. What with the team being larger thanks to you guys, we are already able to put out more and better content, but we still feel it needs more, also Indy, Astrid and I aren’t really getting paid for our work on TG and WW2 yet. Working on the Sabaton project helps us to pay the bills a bit, but we still have to do other jobs to live, so we need to grow our income substantially before we can tackle anything new.


Sure and we’re extremely grateful for that - write us an email to when you have something concrete in mind.


That’s great and looking forward to seeing them in good time. I’m particularly impressed in how much more sophisticated the WWII series has become since September. Keep it up.

On a minor note, after watching the first episode on China, Cixi definitely deserves her own Dicktionary episode when you get back round to doing it.

I think I can speak for all of us when I say we are very grateful for what you’re doing. For me in any case, these really do make my week and I’m staggered you’re doing this for virtually free. I have upped my contribution to the Specialist group as of yesterday and it’s good that you guys are gradually getting closer to your next target on Patreon.


For which we are very grateful.

I think it’s just as impressive that you guys are willing to take money out of your pocket to support this effort, we all do it for the same reason I think, the love and importance of remembering our past.


On spending money on this, rarely in my life have I got better value for money than you guys. I just seriously hope you guys can pull this off which I’m sure you will :slight_smile:


Guys, I reached the K&G team on their discord. Ilkin and Nolan answered me and said that they didn’t delete Indy’s comment. They also said they don’t feel like they ripping off anything.

To quote Nolan : Another thing is, I disagree if this format is something that Indy or Spartacus have ‘invented’ … it is a “standard” documentary format with the host. Where you have host and b-rolls. I can show you lots of documentaries from 80s-90s-00s. So, I don’t think we are “stealing” any intellectual property from somebody. We are subscribed both to Timeghost, WWII and THe Great War and watch every single episode

Ilkin Gambar: That I don’t care. No one told us that there is another series coming

You can judge for yourselves. Gambar needs to chill a bit I think. Nolan on the other hand at least is trying to be cool and not escalate.

I will stand down for now and see how things develop. I don’t want to act on emotions. Let’s see if they will put their own spin on the formula.


Well, as some cynics say, shamelessness is a virtue.


Well, if this all happened by coincidence (standard format for documentaries), then all is forgiven.

Edit: Just went through the comments of his introductory video. I didn’t see Indy’s comment; all I say was a reply to Indy, not Indy himself.

The Revolution
1 month ago
@Indiana Neidell ​Oh wow - its the one and only Indie! :smiley: I wont lie, i didn’t expect to contest whether crash course has any parallels with your work with you but here’s my line of thinking. So most ‘indigenous’ history YouTube channels typically present their videos through voice overs with clips/pictures/animations on the screen. Then the second less common route, which certain YouTubers from the aforementioned format also do, is filming oneself in one’s own house/the local YouTube space, usually with minimal emphasis on the setting. And if there is a setting, it is usually more reflective of the YouTube personality than the themes discussed on the channel. Then there’s your aforementioned work, Indie, and John Green’s Crash Course History, which both include all of the above, but you guys build a narrative in your setting that corresponds strictly with theme on the show (though one could argue whether the setting is also a reflection of ‘the self’ in a metaphysical sense). I’m talking all the ‘antiques’ you use or the way John kinda has a pseudo-history class setting in his show. Keep in mind here that I’m in no way aware of any, if at all, impact Crash Course had on your work, but this is the framework with which I see the depiction of history occurring on YouTube at present. Are you a fan of Crash Course history anyways?