The Cold War channel


To be honest, I would have asked the same question (though he did try to do something different with the camera angles and the pseudo-Cold War look). Was this all just a coincidence, though? I don’t want TimeGhost to embroil in some YouTube “drama”. Believe me, it often gets ugly. What if he was merely inspired by your shows?


“Hey @TeamYouTube @YTCreators we uploaded a new video and it almost instantly got limited monetization. Usually, there is an option to request a manual check, but it is not available right now. We make edu content and do our best to be respectful about sensitive topics. Help!”


YouTube is a hypocrite. They claim to stand for education and promote better communication and transparency. But all they do is throw the vending machine at your faces.


Dont postpone Sparty, all your content is fantastic, especially your Cuban M.C. series…well im leaving Indys baseball channel seperate from everything else.


That was a weird phase…


I agree with one thing he says, they didn’t ‘steal’ anything. We don’t ‘own’ history and telling history on camera with host and b-roll material. They did however plagiarise quite brazenly. Also what we do which is unique is not the camera format, or editing, it’s the chronological narrative. That too has been done on a few rare occasions, but never in the way we do it - this they just copied straight off (to not mention a rather inept attempt at emulating Astrid’s set design).


We’re not doing anything at all with this except discussing it among ourselves. Frankly, we neither have the time nor the stomach for that kind of thing, and such a fight would just damage us by making us look like bitter dicks and help them to get more focus on their content - to not mention the old entertainment industry adages: “don’t break through the fourth wall” and “don’t wash your laundry in public”.


BOOM! Pop YouTubers, take notes.

You guys (TG) are one of the sensible ones. Thank you so much!


Well I hope you will the series in the future. Love what you are doing, keep up the great work.


You’ve already covered part of the Cold War in your Cuban Missile Crisis videos (which were great and I quite enjoyed … being a pre-schooler at the time, I didn’t notice the crisis day-to-day). The Extra History folks did the same topic about a month later. The two accounts don’t conflict: they add to our potential greater understanding of the situation due to the differing perspectives of the respective researchers/presenters. Why would you cancel or defer TimeGhost’s long-term plans just because another channel recently “went there”? You folks do amazing work and the existance of “competing” products shouldn’t deter you from doing the historical research and presentation that you do so well.

Edited: Sorry, Extra Credits did their Cuban Missile Crisis posts two months later … I just got around to posting them a couple of weeks after I posted your series. My mistake.


It’s quite sad what they’re doing, took an IR history course at uni last year so, already know tons about the cold war, so the vids that I saw weren’t really giving me new info. As a result I haven’t watched much from them. Quite disappointed in K&G, especially given how much I like their content.