Sources - Video and Photo archives


I thought it might be usefull to keep track of the best archives and websites for image and videoresearch.

:clapper: Video

:exclamation: Please post the URL to the video, and the TImeframe (for example 0:53-1:11). Try to be as specific as possible – as you know from watching the show, we can’t use minute long fragments.

:camera_flash: Images/Photos

Note: Please check the licensing situation for every website/document.

:exclamation: Please help us expanding this source list by putting your suggestions in the comments.

Cheers, Joram



@Joram does this the Jeff Quitney YouTube Channel bloke just find non copyright material and put it on YouTube?


@Paudow Basically yes. We know what we can use from that channel and what we need to do in terms of licensing, so as long as you tell us that it’s from there its all good.



PH World War Two 022