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I thought it might be usefull to keep track of the best archives and websites for image and videoresearch.

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:exclamation: Please post the URL to the video, and the TImeframe (for example 0:53-1:11). Try to be as specific as possible – as you know from watching the show, we can’t use minute long fragments.

:camera_flash: Images/Photos

Note: Please check the licensing situation for every website/document.

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@Joram does this the Jeff Quitney YouTube Channel bloke just find non copyright material and put it on YouTube?


@Paudow Basically yes. We know what we can use from that channel and what we need to do in terms of licensing, so as long as you tell us that it’s from there its all good.



PH World War Two 022

National Library of Norway photo archive, “Bilder tatt av tysk soldat under 2. verdenskrig” /Pictures taken by German solider during WW2.

That album is public domain, but some photos on has. copyright"Bilder%20tatt%20av%20tysk%20soldat%20under%202.%20verdenskrig"&mediatype=bilder


Photos collection from Bergen, Norway


The National Archives of Canada Image Search, most of it is public domain.


The National Archives in Norway have 5000 pictures from the war, which is free to download.

A few descriptions are in english, but most of them are in Norwegian. If you guys need any help translating them, please let me know.


The site of the Greek General State Archives is under-construction, it has documents but not photos or videos, yet.

This facebook page makes an outstanding work, and it has description in English for every upload


@Joram Here’s an archive of La Domenica del Corriere (issues from 1899 to 1950) a popular italian newspaper famous for its cover illustrations, the website is not too handy to navigate, in order to download a picture you must double click on it and then click the download link. Let me know, if possible, if that was useful.