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For our Between Two Wars episode about 1921, we need pictures of the subjects listed below.

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  • Photo of Independence declaration for baltic states 1918-1919 (or the treaty texts)

  • Photo of the versailles treaty 1919,

  • Proclamation Polish republic 1918,

  • Photo of Danzig Port 1918

  • Photo of Königsberg 1920,

  • Photo of Königsberg plebiscite 11 July 1920,

  • Photo of league of Nations meeting 1920-1923

  • Photo of Polish declaration of independence 1918,

  • Map of Polish Monarchy, 1619

  • Picture of shlachta assembly

  • Picture of Sigismund III

  • Map of divided Poland 1795

  • Photo of Jozef Pilsudski 1917-1918

  • Photo of Jozef Pilsudski’s Militia 1917

  • Photo of Pilsudski in prison 1917

  • Photo of Proclamation of Second Republic of Poland 1918

  • Photo of Pavel Bermondt-Avalov 1919

  • Photo of Soviet advance into Belarus 1919,

  • Photo of Lithuanian – Soviet Peace 1920,

  • Photo of Battle of Warsaw 1920,

  • Photo of the Battle of Niemen River 1920,

  • Photo of the signing of the Sluwaki Agreement,

  • Photo of the Polish advance into Vilnius 1920

  • Photo of Lithuanian Government in Kaunas, 1920

  • Photo of Uprising of ethnic Poles in Posen, 1920

  • Photo of etnic German militias (SIPO) in Silesia, 1920

  • Photo of the SIPO on 3 May 1920

  • Photo of Polish celebrations in Silesia 3 May 1920

  • photos of the second Silesian Uprising 1920

  • Photo of Alfons “Rakoczy” Zgrzebniok 1920

  • Photo of Plebescite of Silesia, 1921

  • Photo of the Third Silesian Uprising 1921


Not sure if you want the photo from 1919 specifically, but Wikipedia has several photos from 1920/1921 and some unattributed dates:
Public domain

Public domain

Public domain

With Rüdiger von der Goltz(this is likely 1919)(how do you scale the pictures here?):

It says here that the photo is in public domain in US, but it’s not on Wikimedia for whatever reason, so I can’t get an English version of the text.
Uploader lists the source as this book:
on Fyodor Arturovich Keller

These guys stick their watermark to the photo above, though I have no idea whether you can do that to a photo made a 100 years ago.

They also have this one:


“Polish armored car ‘Korfanty’ in 1920, made by Polish fighters in Woźniak foundry. It was one of the two created, the second was named Walerus – Woźniak”
Used in Silesian uprising
Public Domain


I assume you mean Suwałki Agreement:

Public domain

There is also this:

Licensing status unclear.


Salle de la Reformation. The official opening of the League of Nations (11-15-20).

Public domain (you can get this from the National Library of Norway)

Same question from me, too.


Do you mean 1918 or 1920? My understanding is that in 1919, Poland was on the offensive in the Belarus.
These are not actual photos, but 2 illustrations of Red Army entering Minsk. One is for 1918(author unknown): osvobozhdenie-minska-ot-germanskoj-okkupacii/
Licensing status unclear
Other is for 1920(Evgeniy Zaytsev):

Licensing status unclear


Hope this helps…


You don’t need to - better not actually - we will change the settings so that it displays the full picture. To see the original size you open the pic in a new window.


Update on my previous post. The photo with von der Goltz comes from Avalov’s own memoirs(Achtung, German! =) ) - Im Kampf gegen den Bolschewismus. Erinnerungen von General Fürst Awaloff. Oberbefehlshaber der Deutsch-Russischen Westarmee, after page 148:

Other than that there seems to be a great deal of pictures of him in there.


Again, not a photo(all the online sources seem to use either Treaty of Tartu or Treaty of Riga photos as illustrations), but if you need it, Pravda from 15.07.1920 with an article about Peace treaty being signed 3 days prior(on the right):
Overall it seems like the talks were not covered in soviet press that much, unlike the ones with Latvia and Poland, at least that’s the impression I got from sifting through Pravda issues.
Maybe the Soviet side were not that interested in documenting those and Lithuanian side didn’t bring their photographers to Moscow(Estonian and Latvian peace treaties being signed in those respective countries).


Here are two one with Pilsudski in it.


A nice low hanging fruit? =)
Public domain, all of those:


Here is what I could find for this.


Polish defences at Miłosna, near Warsaw
Public Domain


Picture of Polish Szlachta assembly:
The Great Assembly

Map of divided Poland:

Photo of Pilsudski in prison 1917:

Photo of Jozef Pilsudski’s Militia 1917:

(this photo shows Piłsudski with the POW (Polish Military Organization) command)

All photos are from Wikipedia commons

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Please post the URL to the video, and the TImeframe (for example 0:53-1:11). Try to be as specific as possible – as you know from watching the show, we can’t use minute long fragments.


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