Norwegian Resistance

One aspect of the resistance that really hasn’t been discussed much is the Norwegian resistance, which ultimately played an important role in reducing the Nazis’ oil supply and the existentially important Heavy Water Sabotage by the Heroes of Telemark( The largest Norwegian resistance organization was called Milorg, and it would infiltrate local bureaucracies, help smuggle refugees into Sweden, and help get money out of the country. In Trondheim, it’s biggest contribution was helping women escape the Nazis’ selective breeding program called “Lebensborn.”

It also helped a lot with delaying completion of oil rigs.

One book that describes an early Milorg operation is the great children’s book, Snow Treasure, which details how courageous children were used to smuggle gold bullion out of the country to keep it from falling into Nazi hands.


I found a great article in Scientific American about the Norwegian Resistance’s Operation Gunnerside, which attacked the Nazis heavy-water experiments: