My Grandfather (Opa) as a POW in either Germany or Poland


My grandfather was a Polish POW during the entirety of WW2. He passed away over 10 years ago but I have always been fascinated by his stories and experiences during wartime.

Recently my grandmother passed away who’s life was also greatly impacted by the war. I never got to hear much from them directly but instead from my family. I don’t have much right now and am working on getting more pictures/recounts of their experiences to share here.

In the meantime I will share a photo that was recently found after missing for 10 years of him as a POW. The photo was either taken in Poland or Germany though we do not know for sure. He was a blacksmith and since he knew a valuable trade was sent to Germany to work and treated better than other POW’s. This is likely the reason for there being a photo of him in the first place as well as him being dressed in nicer clothing.


I hope to share alot more in the future. I hope you all find this interesting and would like to see more.

Thank you

Bonus: another photo

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Thank you for sharing! I just lost my Opa(I’m American, but I have German heritage on my dad’s side) over a week ago. He was too young to serve in WWII, but was stationed in Japan during the Korean War. I wish I’d asked him more about his time over there.