Login issues, can't access the video content (resolved)

Yay! Thank you very much!

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Thanks very much,

I can understand this must be a bit of a nightmare for you guys, so appreciate all the help!

@Spartacus I have the same issue. I signed up for Private First Class Combo through Patreon today. My Account page says I have a subscription but when I click on a video I get taken to the sign up page. I’ve also found that the Contact Us link does not work either!

Hate to say it, but me too yet again. It says my “Time Ghost SPIRIT” subscription is inactive, I think that was from Kickstarter. I do have a Patreon pledge active as well, the TG Army PFC WW2 Combo tier. I should be able to access the videos with the latter, but I can’t right now. The Patreon reward is not mentioned on this site.

All subscriptions should be active again. @Sampath has recoded our application interfaces and set up a new workflow for the Patreon memberships. We have updated all statuses as far as we can see in the system. If anyone still experiences problems please notify us immediately.

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@Spartacus Still not working I’m afraid, still saying: no active subscription, and expired beginning of the month.

I have similar problems.
A weird whole lot of subscriptions, but none of them active, despite being an active patreon (at 4.50)

We’ve run another update and it should be working now.

This is what happened (if you’re interested in the minutiae of our idiocy): we made a thought mistake when we updated the Patreon memberships. When our API creates a Patreon membership it excludes the @ sign in the user name. Thus, we assumed that all patreon membership IDs never have an @ sign in them, we used that to identify which transactions to fix, and updated only those. What we didn’t think of is that when the site went live I imported the 115 members that were already on Patreon and all of you have an @ sign in your user login. Our apologies.


Tried to watch the latest video and got this.

ERROR: You have a problem with one or more of your subscriptions. To prevent any lapses in your subscriptions please visit your Subscriptions page to update them.

It seems we created a new problem where in some cases old transactions interfere with our fix. I deleted your old transaction and only kept the active one - please try again and tell me if it worked. So sorry about this!

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It seems to be working now. Thanks for sorting it.

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Thanks for the fix! I seems to work now, even though there is still a warning about lapsing subscriptions. (but only the old one, there is one working now)

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I also have a problem with my account. I have the same error message as @adamsnook

I subscribed for the TimeGhost army WW2 combo (4.50$/month) with PayPal (not on Patreon), but it looks like I can’t have access to paid membership content. I checked my account subscriptions and it seems that after the first month my account was downgraded to TimeGhost Army Reserves. The monthly payment on my PayPal account continued though.

Can you check what is wrong with my account?

same here… allso the same whit subscription

@benni_bsb for some reason your subscription was expired - I’ve made it lifetime while we look into what went wrong. You should be able to see content again.

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i can see it now… thanks an keep up the god work

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I have the same problem with my Patreon subscription expiring.

Having a problem with my account, I’ve been a paying member for a while now, I pay monthly through PayPal, but the TimeGhost site doesn’t recognize my active membership

Patreon updated their API and discontinued their old API, so we have to start from scratch with the Patreon integration. We’re working as fast as we can to build the new interface. In the meantime we’re publishing all early access content to Patreon directly as well. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hate to pile on, but I’m also having this issue. I’m strictly TimeGhost, not Patreon.