TimeGhost video access issue (resolved)

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Hate to pile on, but I’m also having this issue. I’m strictly TimeGhost, not Patreon.

Hi ggiacomarro

Could you please provide me with some more information? What videos are you trying to access? Are there particular videos you are able to access? What is your current pledge and tier?

Thank you for your support!



Issue seems to have been resolved, I have access now. I messaged you some details in case it’s helpful for other/future issues.

Thanks for all that you and the TimeGhost team do!


Thank you for letting us know ggiacomarro. It appears that there was a small mistake in uploading the video. I believe this has happened once before, but it’s hard for us to notice.

So if you or anyone else has a similar issue with a another (future) episode, please let us know!

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