Election 1944: Hillman, Browder attacked by GOP (8-24-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (August 24, 1944)


Hillman, Browder attacked by GOP

Party chairmen address 400 women

Charges that Earl Browder, Communist chief, is the secret leader of the CIO Political Action Committee were made yesterday at a meeting of 400 Republican women by Republican County Chairman James F. Malone.

Mr. Malone and Mrs. Edna R. Carroll, vice chairman of the Republican State Committee, also attacked CIO-PAC Chairman Sidney Hillman.

‘Americans resent coercion’

Mr. Malone charged that the CIO is compelling “many honest, decent American workingmen” to contribute to the organization’s campaign for the reelection of President Roosevelt.

He said:

If the President of the United States would do the right thing by the people, he would tell Mr. Hillman and Mr. Browder that he does not want their cooperation. Thousands of CIO members in Allegheny County are going to vote the Republican ticket because they are Americans and resent coercion.

Country at crossroads

Mrs. Carroll said 30 million Americans did not vote in the 1940 election and urged the Republican Party workers to enlist the support of these people.

She said:

This is America at the crossroads. There are two pathways, one going over definitely to the left. It leads to national socialism. The leader of an old, tired and worn-out New Deal that has reached out for new blood has reached not to America but to a Hillman.

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