Election 1940: Deadlines (9-21-40 — 10-5-40)



You cannot vote Nov. 5 unless you are properly registered. The last day to register is Oct. 5 – two weeks hence. Registration offices are in your local county office buildings.

Enroll now and escape the last-minute rush.


You Must Register If —

To vote in the presidential election Nov. 5, you must register if:

  1. You have not voted within the last two years.
  2. You have changed addresses since last voting.
  3. You have never been registered.

Women who have married since last voting must re-register under their married name.

At the first of each year, the registration authorities strike from the books the names of all persons who did not vote within the preceding two years. Last January, more than 13,000 non-voters were cancelled from the City and County enrollment lists.

Voters who have changed addresses may obtain change-of-address cards from the City or County Registration Commissions. They need not appear in person.

(Remember: Last day to register – October 5.)


One week to go, fellas!


Reading Eagle (October 3, 1940)


Women cannot hide behind their feminine dignity and sweetly answer “over 21” if they wish to vote in Berks County.

So ruled the county commissioners, acting today on an appeal from a decision by Lester W. Lesher, chief of the county registration bureau, in deciding that all women must give the date of their birth if they wish to register.

Attorney Earle I. Koch appeared before the commissioners this morning in behalf of a client who had refused to give Lesher the date of her birth. She insisted, Koch said, that she was within her rights in stating that she was “over 21.”

Lesher contended that the county’s registration cards contain a blank for this data and that the Allegheny County courts in a ruling some time ago upheld the contention that women must give their correct age. Koch was advised to file an appeal in the Berks courts if he wishes to further contest the action.

Facilities in the registration bureau are being taxed to capacity by those seeking to register for the first time or make changes in their current lighting. Yesterday 500 new voters registered and 400 changed their address.

Lesher announced that 18 clerks will be on duty all day Saturday to accommodate those desiring to have their names placed on the books in time for the presidential election. Saturday is the last day to qualify for a ballot. The office will be open until 4 p.m. Saturday.

In their only other business, the commissioners approved two damage claims on property affected by road improvements. Both were in Washington Township. They were Albert B. Leh, $200 and Graver L. Ross, $60.

1,100,000 Enrolled
Philadelphia, Oct. 3 (UP) –

Unofficial returns from Tuesday’s registration showed today that more than 55,000 persons reported, making 1,100,000 Philadelphians eligible to vote in the presidential election. The returns showed registration of 29,624 Republicans and 22,515 Democrats with the total registered representing 94% of the city’s adult citizens.

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LAST DAY! Voters Register as Deadline Nears


With true democracies folding up in other parts of the world, the right to vote is becoming more and more precious to citizens of the United States. Here are Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Hitchings preparing to exercise that privilege in Reading on November 5, when Americans will choose a leader of their country for what may prove to be the most critical period of its history. The Hitchings, former residents of Statesville, N.C., are being registered as voters from Wyomissing Park, in the 18th Ward, by Lester W. Lesher (left), chief clerk to the county board of registrars, on Thursday. Lesher’s office on the 15th floor of the courthouse will be open for further registrations from 8 a.m. till the deadline of 4 p.m. today.