Army’s war losses total 105,229 men (1-13-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (January 13, 1944)

Army’s war losses total 105,229 men

Washington (UP) –
Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson revealed today that U.S. Army casualties through Dec. 23 totaled 105,229 – 16,831 killed, 38,916 wounded, 24,067 missing, and 25,415 prisoners of war.

Casualties among American elements of the 5th Army since its invasion of Italy amounted to 18,119 – 2,798 killed, 11,762 wounded and 3,559 missing.

The latest announcement of Navy, Marine and Coast Guard casualties included 15,186 killed, 6,616 wounded, 8,429 missing and 4,292 prisoners of war, making the overall casualty total for all services 139,752.

The all-services total includes 32,017 killed, 45,532 wounded, 32,946 missing and 29,707 prisoners of war.


Wow, after two full years of war in multiple theaters that’s around the number of Russian troops Ukraine claims to have killed in less than a year. Supposedly thousands of the Americans detained in the Soviet Union were never released, but it’s hard to find information on that. Our government didn’t seem to concerned about getting our men back.


Well… Take it with a pinch of salt.

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There is propaganda in every war, but I imagine given how thoroughly covered this war is, I think we will find out that the claims weren’t terribly inflated. I saw a site the other day that had video footage and images of most every destroyed Russian vehicle.

Is some of the total an exaggeration? Maybe. But it’s clear that Russia has lost a LOT of men and equipment in a short amount of time.

Russians in 2023 have one theater to deal with while the United States 80 years ago had troops and supply lines literally spread around the world, but our casualties after two years were at least in the ballpark of Russia’s special operation in a neighboring country.