America at war! (1941–) – Part 5

Accord reached on control of Reich

Occupation zones still unsettled

Death comes close to Patton in plane

Russia called main liberator

But Red writer lauds Anglo-U.S. share

Ike and Bradley cheered in London

Allied commander, Churchill confer

Editorial: No blackout on news

Editorial: Churchill speaking

Editorial: Colonies cause wars

Editorial: The case against Doenitz

Edson: How cultural relations pay off in peace

By Peter Edson

Ferguson: Nitwit approach

By Mrs. Walter Ferguson

Background of news –
Presidential succession

By Bertram Benedict

Poll: 1948 choices led by Dewey and Truman

Many others also mentioned
By George Gallup, Director, American Institute of Public Opinion

Actress, former housemaid, finds an honest woman

Early to join Pullman, Inc.

Cassidy: Tyrant ridiculed

By Morley Cassidy

Stokes: Truman unbossed

By Thomas L. Stokes

Othman: Mr. Moneybags

By Fred Othman

Maj. Williams: Getting every duck

By Maj. Al Williams

Models are people, too –
Beauty isn’t everything

By Irene Delmar, special to the Pittsburgh Press

WMC crosses itself up by doing it hard way

By Daniel M. Kidney, Scripps-Howard staff writer

Gracie Allen Reporting

By Gracie Allen

HOLLYWOOD – My goodness, pretty soon we may have auto-planes with folding wings that can both roll and fly. The Department of Labor Statistics Bureau told the Senate so.

Of course, the traffic cops will have to have wings then, too. How are they going to stop you up there in the sky? What will they say – “pull over to the next cloud?” And think of the problems a girl will have who goes for a ride with a fellow. She’ll have to take a parachute along with her “mad money.”

And I’ve just read that through electronics post-war autos will have stop-and-go signals right in the car itself. Also a gadget that makes a shrill noise to tell you when to stop. But I won’t need any of those things when I’m driving; not when George is along.

Practical jersey has every asset

Mexican colors catch the eye
By Maxine Garrison