America at war! (1941–) – Part 5

Editorial: Delay endangers conference

Editorial: Thoughts in the night

Edson: You wonder why some people are in San Francisco

By Peter Edson

Ferguson: Plea to OPA

By Mrs. Walter Ferguson

Background of news –
May Day

By Bertram Benedict

Japs will continue fight, paper asserts

By the United Press

The Tokyo newspaper, Nippon Sangyo Keizai, said editorially today that Japan will fight on regardless of changes in Europe “if it means 10 million lives.”

The editorial said:

Fuehrer Hitler and other Nazi leaders appear determined to make their death stand in Berlin. Such being the case, we need not wait for the enemy to tell us the worst. We must make every preparation to meet the future.

Millett: AFL still backs Dan Tobin for labor post

Wants Mrs. Perkins out of Truman Cabinet
By Fred W. Perkins, Pittsburgh Press staff writer

Seized Jap bases studied by Allies

Bretton Woods program wins new support

Compromise formula may bring approval

VFW attacks slow settling of death claims

U.S. admits 120 days elapse until payment
By Ned Brooks, Scripps-Howard staff writer

Miller: Feeding Manila

By Lee G. Miller

Stokes: In the open

By Thomas L. Stokes

Othman: No monkey business

By Fred Othman

Love: Black market backers

By Gilbert Love

Frontline chaplain –
Services for all faiths held on ships and at battlefronts

By Sally MacDougall, Scripps-Howard staff writer

Gracie Allen Reporting

By Gracie Allen

SAN FRANCISCO – The officials of the World Security Conference thought of everything. When they hear loose talk that this nation or that nation is going to be made the “goat” of the conference, they just smile.

Because the conference is already provided with goats. The Egyptian delegation brought their own, for the milk.

I went to see the goats at the hotel where the Egyptians are staying and found them much more communicative than the diplomats. When I asked them if they thought there would be trouble over the Polish question, the goats said, “Bah!”

Speaking of goats, somebody certainly got the goat of a man with the American delegation. He was told the White House was calling him. He got on the phone, trembling – and found the call came from the “White House,” a local store.

Millett: Home front problems

One is domestic social security
By Ruth Millett

Pirate, Cardinal game postponed

Doubleheader is arranged for tomorrow
By Chester L. Smith, sports editor

Commission offered specialists by Navy

Canes and playing cards needed for G.I. Joe

Radio veteran leads drive
By Si Steinhauser