America at war! (1941–) – Part 4

Breaking of 75-cent lock may put 64,000 on strike

Mechanics union threatens three-city tie-up in row over worker who forgot keys

Time for reflection

By Florence Fisher Parry

Bloody Dieppe of 1942 raid captured without a fight

Many of Canadians who survived commando attack are in force occupying town
By William A. Wilson, United Press staff writer

Million war veterans get civilians jobs

No notable trouble yet with union heads
By Fred W. Perkins, Scripps-Howard staff writer

In Washington –
Restore six points, George insists

Reconversion measure faces tough going


Fala not on destroyer, President’s aide says

Washington (UP) –
You can take it from Adm. William D. Leahy, as quoted yesterday on the House floor by Democratic Leader John W. McCormack (D-MA), that President Roosevelt’s Scottie dog, Fala, was not left behind in the Aleutian Islands and returned by a specially dispatched destroyer.

Mr. McCormack’s refutation brought countercharges from Rep. Harold Knutson (R-MN) that 43,000 gallons of gasoline were consumed on a recent Australian trip of “a certain very high-placed American woman” in a bomber which had been remodeled for installation of a shower bath.

Formosa blasted by U.S. bombers

Japs report attack on Davao, Philippines
By the United Press

Transshipping by Japs approved by Russians

Million Belgians ordered to open war on Germans

Nazi broadcasters acknowledge Brussels may be taken by Allies this weekend

Norris ‘very critical’

McCook, Nebraska –
Former Senator George W. Norris, 83, lost all consciousness last night and was reported by his doctors to be in a “very critical condition.” He suffered a cerebral hemorrhage Tuesday.

Editorial: Congress needs help

Editorial: Scaring off buyers

Editorial: Sour grapes, maybe

Edson: Business leaders making plans for post-war era

By Peter Edson

Ferguson: Hail and farewell

By Mrs. Walter Ferguson

Background of news –
The Fourth Republic?

By Bertram Benedict

Yanks in China give to missions

Churches welcome American soldiers

Poll: Peace needs in Europe confuse public

Conflict in thinking on occupation, education
By George Gallup, Director, American Institute of Public Opinion

Boy, an ex-Marine at 15, to reenter high school

After going through rigorous boot training youth is ‘discovered’ and discharged

Millett: ‘Babysitters’ are needed

Help young folks have recreation
By Ruth Millett

Big weekend may complete Brown collapse

By Glen Perkins, United Press staff writer