America at war! (1941–) – Part 3

The Pittsburgh Press (November 26, 1943)

Berlin raided fifth time in eight nights

One of biggest formations of U.S. bombers blasts Germany

In Italy –
British smash Nazi assaults

8th Army consolidates bridgehead on Sangro
By Harrison Salisbury, United Press staff writer

U.S. planes batter Japs in Marshall Islands

Carrier and land-based planes rip enemy bases after conquest of Gilberts
By William F. Tyree, United Press staff writer

Tokyo radio: Allied planes raid Formosa

Japs report attack 1,500 miles from homeland

U.S. subs sink 9 more ships

Jap airplane transport among victims

High school romance cools –
‘Miss America’ of 1935 files suit for divorce

Henrietta Leaver charges husband with indignities

Bonus bill to pay $300 to veterans

Measure also includes $15-a-week job insurance for a year

Cigarettes output may hit 290-billion mark in 1943

Yanks shatter Bougainville counterdrive

U.S. troops gain ground in artillery and infantry battle

Simms: U.S. efforts to avert war are recalled

Officials knew the facts, but isolationists ‘put on the hush-hush’

Good Neighbor outlay scored by Nebraskan

Latin American tension makes war inevitable, Senator Butler charges

First USO show arrives in Italy

Relief agency votes to help banished Jews

Compromise is reached on repatriation of Axis victims

New taxes to dip into budget funds of nation’s homes

Income levies lowered in some cases, raised in others, but luxuries to be more deeply taxed

AFL fights to ban reporting union income

New tax bill provides filing of dues data for Treasury

The home front –
Personal radio messages may be sent free to U.S. Marines in the Pacific

Communication must be held to maximum of 10 words

New Deal era lauded, scored

One says, ‘peace;’ another charges fascism

Editorial: The Navy goes to town

Editorial: Draft bill joker

Editorial: Gen. Patton

Ferguson: One-man governments

By Mrs. Walter Ferguson

Background of news –
When will the Jap fleet fight?

By Col. Frederick Palmer, North American Newspaper Alliance

In Washington –
Congress setting record in nipping Roosevelt plans

Rough treatment worse than Hoover’s for it’s being done with control in hands of Democrats
By Lyle C. Wilson, United Press staff writer

Southern bloc may turn tide in GOP contest

Slippery delegations held in bosses’ hands; Willkie bid seen
By Thomas L. Stokes, Scripps-Howard staff writer