America at war! (1941--) -- Part 2

Editorial: A Congressional ‘must’

Editorial: Post-war buying plans

Ferguson: Draft the bums

By Mrs. Walter Ferguson

Legality of Navy action in strike case questioned

Court-martial proceedings against Brewster plant guards are said to be without sufficient foundation in law
By Fred W. Perkins, Pittsburgh Press staff writer

At veterans’ convention –
Legion backs world league plan for peace

But emphasizes that best interests of U.S. must be first concern

Elinor Glyn, author of It, dies in London at 79

Millett: Let’s quit dreaming about fancy things of the future

Emphasis placed on castles in the air though wives would settle for pre-war conveniences
By Ruth Millett

Völkischer Beobachter (September 24, 1943)

Die sauberen Pläne der Anglo-Amerikaner –
Zerstücklung Italiens

Edens Stichwort: ‚Sizilien will Trennung vom Mutterland‘

Stalin an die Amerikaner

Die neuen Maßnahmen in Japan –
‚Einschneidend auf allen Gebieten der Kriegswirtschaft‘

The Pittsburgh Press (September 24, 1943)

Germans fleeing from Corsica as Allies advance

8th Army moves 30 miles forward to take Matera; foray into Albanian harbor sinks arms ship
By Richard D. McMillan, United Press staff writer

Corsica Nazis face ‘Dunkirk’

French forces push ahead, capture Bonifacio

3 District nurses ‘take it’ like soldiers at Salerno

One from Pittsburgh wouldn’t leave if she could; girls undergo air raids on Italian beachhead
By Reynolds Packard, United Press staff writer

On New Guinea –
Artillery hits at Finschhafen

Aussie troops advance under naval, air cover
By Don Caswell, United Press staff writer

Transportation hit –
Rail workers strike in West

Los Angeles trolleys and buses also affected

Draft men on young men in U.S. jobs

Baruch backs movement to clean agencies of Army timber

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Shoe stamp due to last six months

New one valid Nov. 1; No. 18 will be good indefinitely

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The unexpected quest

By Florence Fisher Parry

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Mrs. Roosevelt back in U.S. –
First Lady misses 2 raids on Guadalcanal by one day

Lands at Pacific outpost just before alert; says ‘London was more dangerous’

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Army defends college training courses

By Charles T. Lucey, Scripps-Howard staff writer

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Base is found for sulfa drug

Ointment may serve many purposes

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