America at war! (1941--) -- Part 2

U.S. Navy Department (December 22, 1942)

Communiqué No. 227

North Pacific.
On December 20, U.S. bombers, escorted by fighters, executed a heavy, coordinated attack on Japanese shore installations on the island of Kiska. Hits were scored and heavy explosions were observed in the vicinity of the submarine base. Camp areas and buildings were bombed and strafed. All U.S. planes returned.

South Pacific.
On December 20, Army “Flying Fortresses” attacked enemy installations in the Munda area of New Georgia Island. Results were not reported.

On December 21:

  1. Army “Flying Fortresses” again bombed Japanese shore facilities at Munda, but no report of the results has been received.

  2. Two Japanese cargo ships were attacked by “Flying Fortresses” near Kahili in the Buin area on Bougainville Island. One direct hit and several near hits were scored. One of the cargo vessels was last seen settling by the stern.


The Pittsburgh Press (December 22, 1942)

‘Solo drivers’ may be denied ration books

‘Large number’ of B and C motorists fail to share rides, OPA says

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Fighting intense –
Allies capture Buna Airfield

Tanks overrun strongpoints of Jap defense
By Brydon Taves, United Press staff writer

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‘Slow but sure’ –
Merged armies to hit Tunisia

Planes guard men, supplies rushing to front
By Phil Ault, United Press staff writer

The final round?
Dempseys are parted again; attorney says it’s for good

Unionists predict shutdown –
Change in order to rehire seven ‘witnesses’ unlikely

By Fred W. Perkins, Press Washington correspondent

Three agencies draft plan to ease gas, fuel shortage

Entire petroleum rationing structure likely to be revamped; Byrnes predicts improvement

Church-state dispute looms on Victory tax

U.S. raids both ends of Pacific

Bases in Aleutians and Solomons bombed

Pay-for-future delivery plan studied by OPA

Such items as refrigerators, autos and pianos are mentioned

Canadian Air Force girl and sergeant to marry

New two-cent stamp

Washington –
Postmaster General Frank C. Walker today announced he had authorized the issuance of a new two-cent United Nations stamp to on sale Jan. 15 throughout the country. It will be red and of regular size, but the design was not revealed.

Teachers may furnish help on income tax

Treasury considers plan as means to provide general facts

A myth exploded –
Taxes in Britain really lower than in America

Britons have fewer local taxes than in U.S. and value of currency favors them – no exact comparison of levies possible
By Ralph Hendershot, financial editor, New York World-Telegram

Underground cable links Pacific, Atlantic Coasts

New York (UP) –
The new all-underground transcontinental telephone cable, begun in 1940 to ensure telephone service between Washington and the Pacific Coast in case of war with Japan, was opened last night.

President Walter S. Gifford, of the American Telephone & Telegraph Company in New York and President N. R. Powley of the Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Company talking in San Francisco, held the first conversation.

The new cable actually runs from Omaha, Nebraska, to Sacramento, California, connecting with older cables at those points. All the four older transcontinental lines cross the Rockies and most of the great plains by pole line and are subject to service interruption because of weather conditions.

Earthquake in Pacific

Washington –
A strong earthquake shock, with its epicenter near the western end of Unalaska Island in the Aleutians, was recorded by a number of seismographs in this country on Wednesday, Dec. 9, at 6:18 p.m. EWT. It probably did not disturb the Japs on Kiska, for Unalaska is approximately 1,400 miles from that battered mass of rock.

All-out U.S. raids on Axis likely soon

Downed more than 600 Japs –
Colin Kelly’s outfit all heroes after full year in Pacific War

19th Bombardment Group in thick of fighting from very start
By James Cullinane, special to the Pittsburgh Press

Army fliers die in crash

Jackson, Mississippi –
The death of two fliers in a collision between two training planes above Augustine Field was announced by the Army last night.

Famed anthropologist, Dr. Franz Boas, 84, dies

Campaign in Africa proves that gun can beat the tank

By Phil Ault, United Press staff writer

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Austrian countess held

Los Angeles, California –
Countess Elsa Carqueville Fardulli Gunnerson von Starhemberg was held today on a charge of impersonating a federal agent. She allegedly represented herself as an FBI agent to obtain $200 for Lawrence Santrey Dodd at Miami, Florida. The Austrian countess denied the charge.

Wheeler protests sedition charges