America at war! (1941--) -- Part 2

Clapper: World ‘police’

By Raymond Clapper

Inflation seen unless rise in debt is halted

Complete regimentation of national economy urged

Völkischer Beobachter (September 15, 1943)

Das Verräterkleeblatt feige nach Palermo geflohen

König, Kronprinz und Marschall begaben sich unter ‚Alliiertenschutz‘

Schwere blutige Verluste der Anglo-Amerikaner –
Sowjetangriffe in Noworossijsk gescheitert

Feindliche Stellungen südlich Eboli im Sturm genommen – Feindkreuzer in Brand geworfen

Eine USA.-Feststellung –
Die Not in der Sowjetunion

U.S. War Department (September 15, 1943)


In spite of stiff enemy resistance and air interference, troops with their supplies and equipment continue to be disembarked on the beaches in the Salerno area by the Royal and U.S. Navies working under VAdm. Henry K. Hewitt, USN. The bombardment of enemy positions by strong forces of cruisers and destroyers continues. In one day, one U.S. cruiser fired 355 rounds on enemy tanks and machine-gun nests.

Allied naval forces continue to assist Army movements into the Taranto area and the advance of the 8th Army on the coast of Calabria.

The island of Capri was occupied by an Allied force during the afternoon of September 12. The defense of the island remains with the Italian naval and military authorities who are cooperating with ours.

Bitter fighting continues in the 5th Army sector between Salerno and Agropoli. Determined counterattacks have been carried out by both sides. In some places, our troops have been forced to yield around, but new positions are being consolidated and reinforcements continue to arrive rapidly.

Support provided by naval units and our air forces is excellent.

To the south, the 5th Army continued to make progress and our troops have reached Belvedere on the west coast road. In the Taranto sector, operations are proceeding according to plan.

During the night of September 13-14, and throughout yesterday, heavy, medium and light bombers, fighter-bombers and fighters of the Northwest African Air Forces in their most intensive and concentrated operation to date attacked roads and railroads, enemy positions, transport and troop concentrations at numerous points around the Salerno area. Night bombers continued the attack after darkness. Six enemy aircraft were destroyed during the period. None of our aircraft is missing.

The Pittsburgh Press (September 15, 1943)

Americans yield some ground but hold beachhead

5th Army counterattacks heroically as planes and warships pound foe; bitter battle continues
By Richard D. McMillan, United Press staff writer

Reporter crosses frontier –
Eyewitness reports on Italy

People eager to fight Nazis
By Aldo Forte

Thousands of fathers here assured of draft deferment

State board orders local groups to follow rules laid down for replacement schedules
By John Troan

Farm bureau head charges –
Soldiers who saved crops forced to pay union dues

Axis announcement –
Duce proclaimed dictator of new Italian government

Fascist decrees broadcast; German paratroopers set up guard in square before Vatican City
By William B. Dickinson, United Press staff writer

Wide open

By Florence Fisher Parry

Men and women to be included in service act

Stage being set in capital for President to rule on manpower

Security levy of $6 billion to be proposed

Roosevelt readies program as Congress opens new debates

People soon to be let in on nation’s foreign policy

Hull’s address to be followed by detailed plans; Congress approaches subject with caution
By Lyle C. Wilson, United Press staff writer

Fresh from the people –
Congress finds the home front noisy and angry

Conduct of the war strongly approved, but opposition to bureaucratic meddling approaches mild revolution
By Scripps-Howard Service

Japanese face new blows in South Pacific

Yanks, Aussies advance on two sides of Lae base
By Don Caswell, United Press staff writer

Dies defends ouster of 3 ‘subversives’

Ava Gardner granted divorce from Rooney

Spy trial –
Raid warden’s letters read

Nazis told of U.S. attack on British warship