America at war! (1941--) -- Part 2

Ranger receives award of friend killed in war

Ickes denies big inch has design flaws

Charges pipe is too thin, strain too great denied
By Phelps Adams, North American Newspaper Alliance

WLB defends ruling denying portal wages

No data given to show right to pay under law, Davis says

Judge, general may end row

Iron out problem in Hawaii, Biddle says

Interest rate on public debt drops since 1934

Government pays 1.972% on obligation of $144 billion

Farm prices at high point

Increases for many products reported

Earle reveals –
U.S. codes saved in Bulgaria in 1941 by a Russian hero

Former Pennsylvania Governor describes how legation worker defied dire threats and helped upset plot
By John Gunther, North American Newspaper Alliance

Gains reported in war output

July production shows 3% increase

U.S. Navy Department (September 1, 1943)

Press Release

For Immediate Release
September 1, 1943

Commended for rescue of entire ship’s company of stricken minesweeper

Cdr. Alfred J. Homann, USN, 620 Menchino Ave., Santa Rosa, California, has been commended for outstanding seamanship which made possible the rescue of all aboard the minesweeper, USS WASMUTH (DMS-15), when that vessel was so badly battered by storm and exploding depth charges that it was abandoned in the Aleutian area on December 27, 1942.

Loss of the WASMUTH, converted from a 1,190‑ton destroyer and com­manded by LtCdr. Joseph Leverton, Jr., 1712 16th St., NW, Washington, DC, has not been previously announced.

The WASMUTH was escorting a convoy in a raging gale 30 miles of the Aleutians when two depth charges were wrenched from their racks by the waves. The depth charges exploded under the WASMUTH’s fantail and carried away a portion of the ship’s after section.

With the damaged WASMUTH slowly, but surely sinking, Cdr. Homann skillfully brought the RAMAPO, a tanker, alongside after a three-and-a-half hour battle with the raging sea and took off everyone aboard the minesweeper.

The Pittsburgh Press (September 1, 1943)

Huge section of capital in blazing ruins

47 British planes lost in 45-minute Thunderbolt assault
By Walter Cronkite, United Press staff writer

U.S. batters Jap island with shells and bombs

Naval task force attack base on Marcus, 1,100 miles from Tokyo
By Sandor S. Klein, United Press staff writer

‘Fortresses’ bomb Pisa –
Big warships hammer Italy

16-inch shells plaster shore of strait
By Reynolds Packard, United Press staff writer

Jobs for tomorrow –
Private industry called to absorb peacetime horde

56 million Americans will want honest work, businessmen are told in campaign to ease government control
By Charles T. Lucey, Scripps-Howard staff writer

Churchill on way to U.S. –
Hull endorses Allied parley

But refuses to say if he’s willing to go abroad

Never saw battle –
FBI bares pose of Dieppe ‘hero’

McKeesport veteran held for faking medals

Inflation to deflation –
Liquor gouge stirs dry fear

Bootleg revival is foreseen if control fails

Labor leader Curran gets 2-A deferment

Food picture brightens –
More butter and more beef in prospect for U.S. tables

Civilians to get entire output of the former in October; meat production increases
By Robert L. Meyer, United Press staff writer

The bankrupt generation

By Florence Fisher Parry

Drew Pearson called a liar by Roosevelt

Columnist also accused of bad faith to his country

U.S. policy keeps ships from Russia