America at war! (1941--) -- Part 2

Patterson predicts offensive in Pacific

Foes seeking new candidate

La Guardia threatens judge with ouster

Yanks destroy 307 fighters in twin air raids

Striking Fortress victory in Aug. 17 attacks on Germany disclosed
By Walter Cronkite, United Press staff writer

Yanks land in Siberia after attack on Kurils

Yank guerilla chief slain, Japs declare

By the United Press

U.S. colonel victor in 49-day jungle battle

Battalion leader strides down mountain to tell how artillery slaughtered Japs
By Hal O’Flaherty

Smoke puffs show planes tank is ours

Color sequence employed as identification signal

‘Send us WACs!’

They understand Yanks’ wisecracks and know what a jam session is about, soldiers say

Mercy planes brave battle for wounded

Casualties speed by air to base hospital in Africa
By Gault MacGowan, North American Newspaper Alliance

Prisoners get chance to buy Army bomber

Son of President gives Malta Relief show funds

Roosevelt proclaims Fire Prevention Week

Jewish leaders may seek aid of Roosevelt

Rescue plea may also be submitted to Churchill

Merchant Marine heroes praised by Gen. MacArthur

‘They have brought us our lifeblood!’ South Pacific leader says; reporter finds him hearty and strong under tropical sun

Editorial: ‘Four-F Charlie’

Editorial: War is a wearying thing

Edson: Allies plan how to use vast new offensive power

By Peter Edson

Sorrells: Free enterprise vs. ‘security’

By John H. Sorrells

U.S. Treasury to seek more cash for war

$21 billion needed in last four months of year

Airmen, seamen on rafts warned of poison fish

Some in South Seas are definitely poisonous and must never be eaten, others have venomous stings, research publication men say

Allied industrial experts study reconstruction here

They visit steel plants and factories to prepare for post-war rebuilding in homelands
By the United Press

Nazis increase terrorism against conquered Poland

State Department reasserts American pledge to punish persons responsible