America at war! (1941--) -- Part 2

Waves of U.S. planes devastate big Italian base

Air rail center of Foggia smashed; Taranto hit by British planes
By Reynolds Packard, United Press staff writer

In Hawaiian dispute –
General threatens to jail U.S. judge

Commander defies court, makes ‘own law’
By Charles P. Arnot, United Press staff writer

Commando chief to direct Allies in Southeast Asia

Appointment of Mountbatten heralds major drive to oust Japs from Burma, aid China
By Sandor S. Klein, United Press staff writer

Naval oath broken –
Strikers deny U.S. right to assign guards

Aeronautical plant tied up when union men refuse to obey Navy
By Fred W. Perkins, Pittsburgh Press staff writer

Private gets life in Basquette attack

Muroc AAF, California (UP) –
Pvt. George Paul Rumke, 22, ex-convict from Cleveland, Ohio, today was sentenced to life imprisonment for the attack and robbery of Lina Basquette, silent screen star.

Rimke, grim and white-faced as he awaited the decision of the nine Army officers at his general court-martial, broke when the guilty verdict was returned and the penalty announced.

Pointing a forefinger at Capt. George H. Rawlins, assistant trial judge advocate, he shouted:

I’ll get you for this if it’s the last thing I do.

Send them books – piecemeal!

By Florence Fisher Parry

Detroit doctor linked in plot of Ford plant

Dies Committee reveals efforts to locate a ‘leader’

Open hearings win public’s favor for WLB

But the same system might do more harm than good if adopted by OPA

Federal agencies rehire personnel fired by Congress

It was good propaganda when the axe fell on OWI, but only 183 of 777 let go fail to be taken on again
By Phelps Adams, North American Newspaper Alliance

Bob Hope visits Sicily

Allied HQ, North Africa –
Bob Hope, American stage, radio and screen comedian, and his troupe of entertainers have returned to North Africa after staging shows for three days on Sicily. They expect to leave for London next week.

Allies smash counter-drive in New Guinea

Americans, Aussies continue big assault aimed at Salamaua

Steele: Bruma attack will test Jap rule in region

Granting of ‘independence’ to country called crafty move
By A. T. Steele

Army nuptials are military in every way

‘Huge’ Yank losses claimed by Japs

By the United Press

British-American-Russian conference plan speeded

Return of former Ambassador Maisky to London viewed as move to arrange details
By Harrison Salisbury, United Press staff writer

Invasion money denied to American collectors

To save war production –
McNutt: Dads must go

Induction to be delayed as long as possible

Draft violations increase with the hazards of battle

Editorial: Our Canadian kin

Editorial: War weather

Ferguson: Opportunity knocks

By Mrs. Walter Ferguson