America at war! (1941– ) (Part 1)

Army defends ‘idle’ plants

Somervell answers ‘overexpansion’ charge

Army called in –
Pro-Axis Japs at camp riot

One killed and nine injured as mob is dispersed

Fire toll now 494

Boston, Massachusetts –
The official death toll of the Cocoanut Grove fire rose to 494 today as investigators disclosed that about 200 more witnesses will be heard before the case is ready for submission to the Suffolk County grand jury. The latest victim was Miss Joan St. Pierre of Belmont, who died at City Hospital.

Petrillo hearing will start Jan. 12

General sees heavy losses

U.S. casualties light so far, he declares

Buck Jones funeral to be held today

Hollywood, California (UP) –
Filmland pays homage to one of its most authentic Western stars today at the funeral of Charles “Buck” Jones, who died of burns in Boston’s tragic Cocoanut Grove fire.

Delegations representing many organizations, including the office of Sheriff Eugene Biscailuz, the Al Malaikah Temple of Shriners, Henry S. Orme Masonic Lodge, the Jesters and Jones’ Studio, Monogram, will attend the High Episcopal services in a Washington Boulevard chapel.

Jones, 50, who grew up in the great outdoors which backgrounded the films making him famous, had averaged eight pictures a year for 20 years.

Fleet now believed ready for anything Japs have

200 fail to work after shift in hours

Telling blow at Axis struck by Wilhelmina

Partnership offer to her empire gives life to Atlantic Charter
By William Philip Simms, Scripps-Howard foreign editor

McNutt broadens manpower survey to list 270 cities

Indicating labor surplus or shortage helps direct war contracts to factories where they can be handled best, director says

United Press corrects statement about author

Japs flood areas with paper money

October output ‘disappointing’ to WPB chief

Arms production increases only 3% over September

Col. Zanuck sleeps as bombs tick off

Keep looking ahead, Dec. 7 hero advises


Law closes one show, Schubert ends another

‘Tell it to the Marines’ via EFM service at 60¢

Washington –
The Navy announced today hat relatives and correspondents of Marine Corps personnel on duty ashore overseas may now make use of an inexpensive, rapid means of communication known as the EFM (Expeditionary Force Message) service.

Through this service, messages are accepted at any public telegraph, cable or radio office and are transmitted as cablegrams or radiograms to overseas bases. Cost of an EFM message is 60¢ plus tax.

Cardinal sees sure victory in new faith

American people are meeting emergency miraculously, O’Connell says

Complete power over food given Wickard by Roosevelt

Editorial: Be worthy of them