9/11 20th anniversary livestream alert

Starting this livestream in 30 minutes… at 6:00 a.m. EDT

“It’s been 20 years…” Never forget.


Make sure to join in at any time on the Kosmi room linked above between 6:00 a.m. EDT and 12 midnight EDT for the 9/11/01 20th anniversary livestream.

Make sure you have a microphone for audio chats during the stream (if not, discuss in the regular chat) and also don’t pause the stream during the chats. Lowering the volume will work (I’m doing it in real-time), and signing in is not required.

Everybody can join in. :slight_smile:

Once again, anytime between 6 a.m. New York Time and 12 midnight New York Time. The stream will start in 30 minutes.


10 minutes to go! @TGIS and everyone else can join in :slight_smile:

The stream has begun!

From 6 a.m. to 12 midnight EDT!

It has been a great experience to participate on this stream-thanks to Norman and all who contributed, it was a great dialogue!


7.5 hours to go before the stream ends!

Thank you. It was quite an interesting event.

I don’t know who started the conversation on what we learned but I’m sorry i did not participate. I don’t start conversations like that with people I don’t know but after 20 years, I think what we have learned says a lot of bad things about us.

Thank you Norman. Imho the CBC content felt competent but sterile. What I remember and liked from fox was how much live cam with people being talked too. The sounds. It felt much more chilling. But that’s me.


You can still do that :slight_smile: Remember, I’m doing this until midnight.


@dan.harnden Here’s where you can join in…

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Sorry you missed it Dan, I’m sure your input would have been additive to the success it was.


I was there for quite a bit of it. It was fun. Thank you.


And it’s now over. Thank you all for participating and taking your time to remember that fateful day.


Thanks, altough I was only there a bit on the till end. It was insightful in how it was covered. Although it was horrendous it brought back some memories. (Brooklyn should have the Dodgers back!)


I had fun watching it for the little time I could be there


As a thank you here is one for the Brooklyn Dodger fan Norman. Actually the name is “Breukelen” as the city got its name while being part of New Amsterdam. If you need to know ask Indy or Norman I guess :wink: