Zones mapped for occupation of all Germany (1-17-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (January 17, 1944)

Zones mapped for occupation of all Germany

Bavaria and Austria may be placed under U.S. Army
By Helen Kirkpatrick

London, England –
Germany, it is believed, will be divided into three zones for occupation by Russian, British and U.S. troops, according to plans discussed at Tehran.

The three zones suggested are believed to be:

RUSSIAN: Eastern Germany up to a line running from Kiel to the Bavarian border.

BRITISH: Northwest Germany, the Ruhr and the Rhineland.

AMERICAN: Bavaria and Austria.

By this plan, the complications of making three armies and nationalities attempt to administer German territory jointly, would be avoided.

It is clear that the plan is an interim one which may be subject to alterations. With closer cooperation being achieved between the French, on the one hand, and the British and Americans, on the other, it is probable that the French may seek and be given a zone of occupation. The general theory, however, is that the French as well as the Belgians, Dutch and other Allied people will have their hands full inside their own countries with relief and reconstruction work.