Youtube video channel about Finnish military history topics

Something which I thought might be of interest to members of the TimeGhost History and World War II channel. I came across a Finnish military history Youtube channel that had certain specific topics which people here might not be familiar with. Also while the videos are narrated in Finnish they do have English language subtitling so any one able to read this post should be able to enjoy them. These are all usually not so well known events even in Finland let alone outside of Finland.

A bit of caveat though - the author is by his own admission an amateur (or hobbyist) historian and quality of sources may vary. Regardless In my opinion if you happen to be interested in the topic then the videos should certainly be worth watching.

Further addendum… I’m not affiliated in any manner with the Youtube channel in question nor do i know who is even hosting it. I’m also not trying to spam content.

Some of the WW II related content (with bit of my own commentary):

(Failed) Bombing of Lavansaari - about the failed Finnish operation of bombing the Soviet port and airbase of Lavansaari in 1943. Which while a small thing in grand scheme of things but still of interest (and in fact it was still a major operation in Finnish scale, as pathetic as that might be).

Sinking of Krasnoje Znamja - about the Finnish MTB raid to sink Soviet the gunboat Red Banner while it was docked at heavily defended port in November 1943.

Irja and Raija - about the Finnish use of German radars, Irja = Würzburg-Dora and Raija = Freya, especially related to the defense of Helsinki against the Soviet bombers in 1944.

Counterattack to Leningrad Airfields - about the Finnish operations in 1944 against the Soviet long range bomber force (ADD).

BT-42 - about the ‘legendary’ Finnish assault gun.

I can further translate from Finnish to English if needed.

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He’s pretty good, I see :slight_smile: