YouTube Suggestion - WWII Aircraft Features

Your “Who Did What in WWI?” playlist was incredibly well done and does a great job of featuring personalities from the war to talk about in 10 minute videos. You’ve also begun doing tank-focused videos, which I find interesting.

In the same vein, having highlight videos for individual plane types throughout WWII from a biographical perspective would be fascinating. Just the technical specifications, but the role they played for each country and the impact they had on the war.

In addition to the staples that everyone knows, lesser known types that might have had an effect on the war had they been properly managed always seem to pique people’s interests, as well as advanced types near the end of the war that didn’t manage to see action.

Love your channel and all you guys do. You’re the first content channel I’ve ever paid money to. Keep up the good work.


I doubt that the Time Ghost crew would have time for that. It’d have to be a collaboration with someone else who has the time and subject matter expertise to to the bulk of the work. Kind of like what The Great War channel did with C&Rsenal on small arms and what the Time Ghost crew are currently doing with MAJ Moran, aka The_Chieftan, on WWII tanks.

Personally, I’d love to do something like that, but I’m too busy doing my day job to be a full time historian on the side. Bismark from Military Aviation History would probably be the best person to do something like that.


I was picturing something like how they are currently doing their “Hardware of WW2” series. They outsource the expertise on tanks to someone else while still keeping their level of quality/branding. Surely there is a WW2 plane expert out there willing to get on board? I think doing the same thing with planes would be immensely popular.

I’m hoping they already have it planned somewhere in the future, but if not, I wanted to put it on their radar. (Pun 100% intended.)


@payneja Well, they did a collaboration with Real Engineering on the Great War channel to cover the developement of biplanes so who knows, I personally hope they will work together again on subjects such as these.


I guess it depends on the setup.

A “Chieftan’s Hatch” type series would be great but the trouble comes in access. Accurate examples of Second World War aircraft are by no means localized.

If there was a way to split duties between teams in Europe and teams in the US, that would go far. I work with several museums and organizations here in the US. As such, I could easily do videos on US aircraft as well as the occasional foreign example that made its way here. That said, I don’t have the ability to do the same for Europe.

If it’s a simple lecture you want, I think that’s easily done. Between Bismarck, Real Engineering, and myself, you have three very different approaches to the same subject. There’s potential there for something fun, but I’m not sure how it would all fit together.

I minored in editing back in my undergrad days. Maybe I should check and see how much I remember.



I am very interested in all things WWII Aviation. Though more the narrative/history than the technical aspects. If you have any suggestions on material, I’m all ears.

I get what you’re saying about the US/Europe split. That’d be tough. I know there are some locations in the US that have great collections, but those aren’t open to just anyone.

The “special episodes” I’ve seen so far have all been very well done and interesting. I’d just love to see some of those same types of episode on this topic.


At this time, it seems like they are still trying to just keep the regular show running and do a few specials when they have the opportunity. The Drug-related specials are an example of a lesser known area that they have taken into a wider spotlight. I am hoping that the monetary contributions on patreon eventually allow for the same deluge of specials we saw with TGW.