Young Historian Starts US Civil War Week By Week

First post on the site but a fan since the Great War 1915.

I wanted to show you guys how you’ve inspired future historians. I had wondered for a while if it would be possible to present the American Civil War in a similar format to the Great War and World War 2 (week-by-week in real time) and I happened to be looking on YouTube when I found this:

This young historian has beaten me to it. :slight_smile:

Of course, he has a long way to go to get to Indy’s level of quality but he started this with just his camera, his computer and his passion. I think that is really cool and I felt it deserved a subscription and a shoutout. How History is being taught is changing before our eyes and people like Spartacus and Indy are leading the way.


Awesome, there is a lot to this subject as well. Thanks for the tip.


I just watched his first video of the Civil War. And I thought he did pretty good considering he looked very nervous on camera.


He has posted his video for the second week. Lad’s getting better. :slight_smile: