WWII History that has been deleted, not talked about or banned?

I was curious if you have run across any history of WWII that has been deleted, not talked about and/or banned?

There are major holes in the history of WWII that isn’t really explained. Lets start with Nazi war goals. There doesn’t seem to be any Nazi war goals that could be achieved and then peace could follow and the world would accept them.

The Nazi also never seemed to think about what or how they would administer a country that goes from Moscow to Paris and how that would fit into the world and be allowed to exist. Even like a Germany, Poland, France area would be way to large for Great Britain, Russia and the US to let the Germans keep.

It’s also very strange to me that no one in German High Command seemed to recognize or care about what they were doing and what will happen to them if they get captured or lose. They get three options executed, suicide, or many years in jail. No matter which option they picked they will be hated by history and their country split in half.

These are not stupid or mindless people. They are professionals. They didn’t get to where they are by being stupid. They’re smart. They have options. They don’t need to do this. They are young and at the top of the German Government.

It’s very risky for them to declare war on Great Britain and France. On paper the German Army can beat them in 1939, but in 10-20 years it could look a lot different. Not to mention what Hitler is planning its going to force the world to fight. They had to have known this.

I also find it really strange that Joesph Goebbles would try and raise six children during the war. This guy has his Ph.D and he knows everything that Hitler is planning. He’s smart and calculating. He had to know that he’d be killed if this didn’t work. One of his kids was born in 1938 and the last one was born during the war in 1940. He’s going to kill his own children. That’s no joke. The gravity of that is being overlooked. So why the hell is he raising kids during the war? I’m quite certain that he’d recognize before the war that if Germany lost it’s not going to turn out well for him and his family.

They’ve done a great job with the war. However, more questions than answers are arising as I think about the war.

The events have played out in such a way that the war goals for Germany was “Conquer the world or die trying” But no one seems to have recognized the tall task that they are trying to achieve, what it would look like or how to keep it together and no one has any outs if it doesn’t work and no one seems to care what happens to them if it doesn’t work. It’s really freaking weird. I don’t get it.


the nazi war goal were laid by hitler in mein kampf, I thought that was obvious enough and we also know about generalplan ost. Being smart also doesn’t prevent from doing stupid things, cf hermann goering


That’s not really true. Not to mention that even if it was true that most of his staff and military staff would have seen that as a tall ask and wasn’t feasible.

yeah no, general plan ost can’t be denied, it’s a verry real plan even if we don’t have all the documentation, we know there was multiple version of it. The holocaust itself couldn’t be achieved either yet the nazis still did it. War against humanity even made an episode about generalplan ost.

Everything is that simple is it? Conquer the world and rid the world of “Jews” or die trying. Which the leader put in a book he wrote fifteen years ago. Forget the career and the hard work of years spent cultivating it and being away from family, forget the family, the lives of your men, your life, and what history thinks of you.

Don’t have a backup plan. Leave no way out if the plan doesn’t work.

You’re not even going to discuss failure, document it, or even think about.

Follow Hitler’s orders the best you can even though he’s tuned up on drugs and you know it!

Germany High Command are not stupid crazy people. They took over Germany. They held an Empire that stretched from Paris to the outskirts of Moscow. They held most of the European Continent. Every country had to use all their countries resources to stop them. You can’t do that by being stupid and/or crazy. They are smart, capable, calculating and very committed to cause.

Yet you want me to believe it was just that simple. They never really thought about losing the war until the Russian Army was basically at Hitlers bunker… That’s also about the time when Hitler decides to kill himself and Geobbles decides its time to kill his six children that he’s been raising for the past twelve years…

That’s bullshit. No way. There’s got to be more to it. The things that the Nazi’s did is mind boggling and the WHY is missing a lot of details.

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VERY GOOD QUESTION I wondered that myself and the Simon Wiesenthal Center points out to that many of the Nazis who were instrumental in the Holocaust had PHDs

My 2 cents Goebbels was a Catholic and there is a photo of him with the loyal Clergy saluting with him. Catholics claimed the Jews killed Christ and my grandmother who was like 20 years old at the time met “Happy Mothers who where happy that at least their sons went to heaven after dying in Russia fighting Jews and atheists”. The link between antisemitism and Religion tends to be ignored or is banned or the obvious Catholics who resisted are held up to ignore the others who didn’t and used Bible hate texts to justify! We cannot read his mind and I can only hypothesize that he took what is in the Bible , wanted to become fuhrer which he was for a few hours and sent his children to “heaven”.

Going to “heaven/hell or eternal purgatory if you died before you could be baptized was a common accepted truth” (I think the Catholic Church in Rome scrapped Purgatory in 2000 or so, not sure how this works). BUT if you believe it and a lot of people do, heaven is a backup plan! and we are talking about personal beliefs.

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oh no, please don’t go for the winner writte history when the german wrotte the eastern front history post war. And yes, everything is that simple with the nazis, german high commandnotbeingstupid doesn’tmean they can’t be for crazy stuff like the holocaust (the german industry even profited from it with the slave factories). Being smart doesn’t mean things can’t be simple, oskar dirlewanger was still a crazy/bad guy no matter how smart he is.

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The problem is that there’s to many people involved. The things that they did are way to complex and are very hard to execute. They also took a lot of time and thought on doing them. I assure you it’s not that simple.

I also have to point out that its easier and better for the Allies to just say the Nazi’s were crazy and evil. Makes the story easier to tell and puts the Allies as the “good guy”.

If your a captured Nazi it’s better for you to put all the blame on others and those who are already dead. Use the excuse of getting killed if you didn’t do what they said. Say you weren’t there and had nothing to do with it.

It makes the History more interesting for Hitler and his cronies ranting and raving and doing stupid things and being surprised when the allies do things. Which also makes the Allies look smarter.

I’m an American. We have history on Korean War, Vietnam, the Gulf Wars and in every single one of those wars there’s people who against the war. They write books about how bad we were. There’s movies about how bad the war was and the effects on the soldiers and puts the US military and a really bad light. Honestly, they never put the US Military in a positive light.

Lets talk about Movies. You watch a movie on Vietnam (Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, We Were Soldiers), Gulf War (Zero Dark Thirty, Hurt Locker). Actually all of them. They do not put the US military in a good light. There’s conflicts within the command and between the soldiers.

You watch a WWII movie. There isn’t any conflict with soldiers and if there is it’s minimized. Everyone is doing their job and they are winning.

Honestly there was a serious change in how the US military was perceived after WWII. If you were a WWII soldier your the best soldier and can do no wrong. If your a soldier after WWII then you fought for bad causes.

My point is that it’s not that simple. There’s more too it than what the history has. A lot of it has been deleted and isn’t talked about for various reasons.

It really sucks too. As an American I’d really like to know this stuff because giving the US political scene today it definitely rhymes with what the Nazi’s did. The Nazi’s took a radical political ideology and it killed them and 50 million other people. I’d like to not repeat that or anything like that. Maybe it would help us solve some of our problems. It’s not just the US either. There’s many other nations that are giving up democracy for various reasons.

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The Nazis WERE crazy and evil, they wanted to genocide hundreds of millions of people! And we do know their war goals! Their plans! There are countless books and documentaries about it! Not all of them are masterpieces sure but they all go over it!

I don’t know why I contribute to this forum. I come here looking for answers and I never get them. It’s sad. Even though I pay $9 a month to support the team for years. I’m not mad about the money. I love this project.

I just wish I could figure out the WHY and how did the Nazi’s arrived at the decisions they made because the decisions that the Nazi’s made would have never worked from the start and it would have definitely got them killed. I don’t understand how they could have logically made their decisions and NOT recognize that.

It just doesn’t make any sense how anyone could logically make the decisions the Nazi’s made without recognizing it’s not going to work and get them all killed and hated by everyone. The more I think about the more things I find missing and completely glossed over. I don’t think I’ll ever get answers that are satisfying.

The why people do the things they do is always hard to find out.

You have probably done things yourself that after you did it you thought why did I do that why did I react in that way , and there may be many factors and you yourself may not now why you did it.

For Germany there were also a lot of factors.
-The perceived notion that they did not lose the great war but that it was stolen.
-The antisemitism that was rampant in the world , even the allies did not want to take in the jews who were trying to get out of Nazi controlled territory.
-The depression of the 1930s.
-Instability due to communism internal and external.
-Group thinking, a human may be smart , Humans as a group will magnify their base instincts ( most of the time in a bad way)

There are probably a lot more factors that played a role and for the individuals they will differ but for the group most will overlap.

And then you have a party that find a person who is a good orator and put him up as your figurehead because you think he is easy to control.
A portion of the population who buy in because it is easier to blame others for things that go wrong.

it’s honestly not that hard to see that nazi ideology played a huge role in their decision making, it’s part of why they underestimated the ussr per example. Also, people don’t always make the most logical decision even if they’re smart, it having too many people involved doesn’t mean the nazis wouldn’t do it, again, they still carried the holocaust even if they were human.

Yeah but the Uber Antisemite Luther was very prevalent in Germany as well. German Churches (well some) still tout their sick bestiality fantasies in the form of displaying Jews who suck on the tits of pigs. This rabid antisemitism and seeing themselves as superhumans created an atmosphere were they expected to win AND go to heaven if they died fighting Jews/Athieists. The whole socieity took the genocidal sonderweg :-(.

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Adolf Hitler was a catholic, NOT a member of any lutheran church.


True, the Judensau was originally put their by the Catholic Church who other Christian variants “taught/teach” young Childeren that the “Jews” killed Christ.

By the way Lutheran fanatics still cling on to the Judensau and so far have been utterly indifferent. Maybe stop celebrating this “Clerical Bestiality Fetish” It dehumanizes people and is a hate producers!

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