WWII Books or WWII Military Magazines Recommendations

What are some recommendations for good WWII books or WWII Military magazines?


I would recommend David M. Glantz’s many works on the Eastern Front in WWII. Especially his Stalingrad trilogy books and overview of the war titled When Titans Challenged.


Shattered Sword on the battle of Midway and Aleutians in 1942.

This book changed the accepted history as we know in in the West on Midway. Mainly by also using Japanese sources. It is a very detailed and has many pages but is is nevertheless a page turner.

Jonathan Parshall and Anthony Tully; Potomac Books, Herndon, Va., 2005*

Here is a presentation of the author:


I’d recommend Invasion Syria, 1941: Churchill and De Gaulle’s forgotten War by Henri de Wailly. He teaches at Saint-Cyr special military school and his book has a lot of information, as well as several maps and photographs.


Band of Brothers by Stephen E. Ambrose is a pretty good read.
Keeps thinks focused on the 101st airborne division (mostly Easy company)
Goes through training, basic tactics used by the paratroopers but mostly focuses on the characters involved.

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My fellow colleagues would be pretty pissed off when you mention his name.


ow… we dont mention him arround here? My bad! :sweat_smile:


No, you can. It’s just that, in my circle of historians, Ambrose was a plagiarist. Still controversial, though.


If you say so… I mean , i’ve only read band of brothers from his works. Since the mini series introduced me to world war 2 before even the school system did.
But my ww2 library is quite focused on whatever i can find translated in Greek.
Hastings , Beevor Antony and Ambrose are pretty much the only stuff you can find translated in your local library :laughing:


Just keep Ambrose’s actions in mind when reading through his material and look for the original sources. BTW, it’s been 18 years since Ambrose’s plagiarism came it to light. Back then, we discussed two things: the war in Afghanistan and Ambrose. The Catholic sex abuse scandal came later.


January 2002 was a particularly exciting time for us historians.


For me it was the first year at elementary school , learned about Homer’s Iliad (Ιλιάδα) and Odyssey (Οδύσσεια). But what happened in 2002, i’d be interested to know.


In January alone, there was:

  • the Ambrose plagiarism scandal,
  • the hockey dad court battle in Massachusetts,
  • the war in Afghanistan continuing,
  • the 2002 Sundance Film Festival (which introduced me to two of my favorite films),
  • the nation recovering from 9/11,
  • Charles Bishop’s death,
  • No Child Left Behind,
  • the first inmates of Guantanamo,
  • the Enron investigation,
  • the “axis of evil” speech by the President,
  • Daniel Pearl’s kidnapping,
  • Gabby Gabreski’s death.

That’s just January!


Don’t forget the Euro! Official currency adopted New Years 2002. BTW, what were your memories of 2002?


All i remember from back then is me playing with my toys at home, school, my mom teaching me how to use the new currency and lots of people going to vacation back then. 2004 was much more exciting with the olympics and everything.


For me, it’s the LA Olympics of '84.

In 2002, I was 26 and it’s been a year since my Grandpa passed away, so I was still in a somewhat somber mood at the time, at least in the first half of the year. As for my work in history, we were discussing and writing to each other about then-current events (I’ve already listed the ones in January previously. I remember that we had some particularly tense discussions about Milošević, the '02 midterms, the Catholic sex abuse scandal and worldwide terrorism). We were still recovering from 9/11, even commemorating its first year anniversary.

And, even though we’re Americans, we still commemorated the 50th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s reign, though it was made somewhat depressing for us by the losses of Princess Margaret and Queen Elizabeth the Mother earlier that year.

We followed the 2002 SLC Olympics (particularly skating and ice hockey).

We also watched newly-released films, even discussing Sundance and TIFF (something which I rarely do today – the excitement of going to the movies is somewhat lost today in my opinion). Honestly, I could tell you about the films that I have watched in theaters in 2002 all day. Lots of great films from that year alone and yet it’s also not perfect (just like every year). We haven’t felt that excited for movies since 1996, if my memory serves me right.

I also experimented with raunchier “games” with my now-wife at the Niagara River (if you know what I mean :wink:). Amy and I were so close and deep in love that, by 2002, my friends already saw us as marriage material. That would wait for another five years. :smile:


I would recommend J. Keegan’s book on WW11 and the updated book De Gaulle by Julian Jackson


The updated book on De Gaulle is very good. I would highly recommend it!